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    Dang Carburetors!

    I just did the same thing with my 81... rebuilt the carbs and had no leaks. When I put the carbs on the bike, I had fuel pissing every where. When I pulled the carbs off again, the #3 float wasn't adjusted right. I reset it, and reinstalled and now I no longer have fuel everywhere.
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    Louder exhaust

    I have both. My 84 Standard has the stock exhaust so it is quiet. The 87 Interstate has a set of mufflers on that has the baffles removed. If it a little louder and gives it a nice sound, but if I am riding it for a long distance, it gets old in a hurry and I wind up wearing ear plugs...
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    GL1000 engine swap

    The 1200 will need some clearance for it to fit in the 1000 frame... it will also require some conversion to switch the bike over to a hydraulic clutch as well and some electrical modifications for the fuel pump and the ignition. Oh, and there is the output shaft of the engine to worry about as...
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    34 pict 3 jets

    I found them on ebay, and in the end, wound up drilling out the jets to the size I wanted them to be. Not sure I ever found a 35 either...
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    The Slug Will be On The Market - Spring 2019 (2020) (2021)..

    Yeah, I guess I need to make a trip down to see you some time soon :)
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    The Slug Will be On The Market - Spring 2019 (2020) (2021)..

    Everything but the kitchen sink!!! :smilie_happy:
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    The Slug Will be On The Market - Spring 2019 (2020) (2021)..

    Yup. That was where we stopped at a camp site in West Virginia.
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    The Slug Will be On The Market - Spring 2019 (2020) (2021)..

    This is how I will remember it... I will always remember that trip. What started as just another trip became a ride with a friend.
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    New guy

    Welcome to Classics from PA!
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    what did you do today

    Installed the carbs on the 81 and the bike fired right up, so I must have done something right... then the number three started to leak, so I have have done something wrong. Guess I'll be pulling them back out to fix whatever I did wrong. :head bang:
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    what did you do today

    Spent some quality time with the carbs on the 81... all that’s left is bench syncing and installation.
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    BObber build

    Damn! Looking good!!!
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    Utilising the Vetter luggage fully

    I can fit more stiff in my Vetter bags than I can in any other bags I have.
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    BObber build

    I tried it with horns in my Vetter fairing. I think my problem was the way the horns were grounded and I didn't have them hooked up correctly. Now, I rewire whatever I am doing and install a relay as well.
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    BObber build

    When I try to wire aftermarket switches into existing wires, I've always had problems. That's why I haven't been saying much