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    The New CGW forum

    I have been using my Android 10 phone exclusively for several years and it is second nature to me now. However I have not been on here a few years I believe. Howdy Dan, Joel! I will be in and out on the forum now. I exclusively use Firefox browser and duckduckgo for my needs. Joep
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    Not new but long time no posting

    Hey y'all.. been a long time . I'm sure there are many I don't know some I may know. Still in Texas near DFW
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    What did you do to your Wing today ?

    Put covers over them.. Getting a carpet for my country home.. Oh yeah long lost voice from the past back lurking. Last 2 years has been fun NOT! Had the triple bypass 2 years ago and last year this time they put 3 stints in 2 of them. Seems they didn't stay open during a medication study, and...
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    Tire rub

    Dan that looks like the plastic inner fender is not correctly in place or got jammed... only place to get that rub from.... or the swingarm ...maybe picked up debris? ...
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    Gramps. again #23

    Well took awhile to get here... but Ian finally made his appearance..... At 5:45 pm cdt... 7 lbs 3 oz, laying 20.5 inches tall... definitely all boy...
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    Craig Vetter is in Hospital

    Ouch... really sorry to hear this.. hoping for the recovery...
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    No more flipping the bird.

    There have been some (few) cases where the one who flipped was charged with aggravation.. and with more folks carrying, there could be a lost of momentary lucidity and they do that which they should not.. ( pull and use) stay safe all...
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    It finally happened.

    As far as one tooth off.. iirc when I redid my belts on my 11 if it was off by the one tooth it locked up when turned over by hand... so don't think that was it unless you got valve relief cut outs in your pistons..
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    check out my egg

    That's neat.. check this out!!
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    A word game

    Everyone has had a Mother at sometime in their life.. so they can celebrate also!! Happy Mother's Day to those who are, and who have had a Mother..CELEBRATE
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    This jerk needs to be found.

    Then what does say about bicyclists?? And the green folks?? When I learned to ride pedal bikes and then driving cars.. I heard that the two wheelers had to obey traffic laws just like the cars.. and to give them the same courtesy as 4 wheels.. (that was 45 years ago in CA) and that we could get...
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    Washington State meet up?

    Arriving late on the 14th.. Nephew will pick me up and then take me to his brother's house.. so I will staying with the other nephew.. haven't seen them in 35 years.. I WILL post when I get there and have WiFi access.. and thanks for the condolences.. I will pass on to the others also..
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    A word game

    Really been a long time since I was on the forum. Hope to meet one or two in "Warshington" in couple of weeks.
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    Washington State meet up?

    Heya gonna be in Washington State in about 2 weeks.. near Olympia area (i think) for memorial for my sister who passed away last week. Anyone like to meet for coffee or such? I am gonna be bikeless this trip, but will beg borrow or steal my family's wheels if ya wanna meet :BigGrin: :BigGrin...
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    Question on cylinders

    Thanks guys for the well wishes.... and the advice on the cylinders... ... I check on them and let you know what I found..