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    • new2me
      new2me reacted to Donniebnd's post in the thread Oil with Like Like.
      You need to do more research as Rotella t6 is also designed for gasoline engines as well.
    • new2me
      new2me posted a comment on the media item rrtire11.
      Bias or radial on the elite4, I heard 1500's wheels not made for radials?
    • new2me
      new2me reacted to AApple's media rrtire11 with Like Like.
      Dunlop Elite 4 mounted on clean rim, Dynabeads installed
    • new2me
      new2me reacted to DaveKamp's post in the thread 1988 GL1500 handlebar wobble at 35 mph. with Like Like.
      Up on centerstand, with a floor jack under front of engine, lift it up JUST ENOUGH for the tire to clear the floor. Lift up on the...
    • new2me
      new2me replied to the thread New highway floorboards!.
      I like the floorboards you have where pegs went the stock position ones, look like my passenger boards, would those fit a 99 1500, and...
    • new2me
      new2me reacted to AApple's post in the thread New highway floorboards! with Like Like.
      Bought me a set of Markland hiway floors for the 1500. Got them in today, and installed them, leaving the pegs in place(I was in a...
    • new2me
      new2me reacted to AApple's post in the thread GL1500 tire data update with Like Like.
      Checked mileage today on the now shows 97,428 miles(It had 39,380 miles when I bought it in 2016). Rear tire is starting to...
    • new2me
      new2me replied to the thread Bead Leak front tire :(.
      Just an update, used the slime , fix a flat pressure can type, did the trick, no bead leak, in future will make sure whoever changes my...
    • new2me
      new2me reacted to pidjones's post in the thread Bead Leak front tire :( with Like Like.
      Not made for a tube. Most likely crud build-up. Cleaning and smoothing (be sure to clean both the rim bead and tire bead areas) should...
    • new2me
      new2me posted the thread Bead Leak front tire :( in GL1500.
      Debating on best repair for my 99 Aspencade, the front tire Dunlop is leaking air around the Bead on the rim. should I use tube, or a...
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