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    82 GL1100 starter problem

    I am reluctant to put this forward but.... I think the sprague clutch could be the culprit. This is typical of GL1100's because of their age and if the bike has been sitting for a while. I have experienced this. The engine needs to be pulled for this. The actual parts if replaced are about...
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    1200 Front Fork Cap

    If you are a member of you can find a DIY on"how to rebuild your front forks on a GL1500". The pictures show the positioning of the forks at the top of the triple tee so that a measurement is not necessary. I hope this helps. Not sure where you are going with the different caps...
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    Alternator Rotor measurements?

    When you have it out and before installation thoroughly clean the sprague clutch rollers and springs and openings where they fit. They tend to stick after a while from sludge and moisture residue build-up. Approx $100 for new (recommended). Saves removing the motor again to do this. My experience.
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    '83 GL1100 Smokes - but only after warm-up!

    I picked up an 83I with 62xxxkm. Did the same as you described. Not sure if mine has 162xxx or 62xxx. PO said it was original mileage. The valve guides were worn beyond specs. Replaced heads with valves in spec and replaced valve seals. No smoke now after $$$ and labor. Good luck.
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    1980 GL1100 rear shocks

    Restoring a GL1100. Waiting for new ss front brake lines. Rear shocks seem to lose air. Do I need to rebuild them? If so where is the best place to purchase parts?