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    Tech issues

    if its been sitting for a couple weeks or more, it will be a beast to start. the gas tank is lower than the carbs, so it takes a lot of cranking to get the gas to the mentioned, be aware of over cranking. i've been day dreaming of a fix, but so far haven't come up with one...
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    Canadian. I’m from Alberta and have a 1976 Sulphur Yellow GL1000.

    i'm from south of you at milk a 1978 gl1000. if you haven't revalved your front forks and put emulators in them, you should. won't believe the difference. i put icons on the rear. bike is way nicer to ride noe
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    Motorycle For Sale 1979 GL1000 27k original miles for sale

    considering your crap pics, its no wonder you haven't sold it. come on......if you have something worth selling, people have to be able to look at it.
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    Parts Wanted 78 GL1000 side cover

    two85....the one you are showing him won't fit a '78. you guys probably already know that, so sorry for sticking my nose in. when i finally found one that would fit my '78, the upper tabs were broken, so i found some light aluminum channel stock and jb welded it to the cover. it's been...
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    nickbiddle's GL1000 Odyssey - Chapter Headgasket

    I know this is old, but what ever happened with your scooter?
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    This guy clearly loves his bike.

    this.........they r evil!!