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    Tire and rims from 1100 to 1200

    Ok Next question LOL the tires on an 1100 are a different size the back is a 16 compared to a 15 on the 1200. Will 1100 rims and tires fit the 1200 and do you think it would be detrimental to the handling it has 85/15 and the 1100 has 90/16 i can get the rims and tires that are almost new for...
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    Goldwing 1100 Parts

    Yes I just looked a picture His website for you His name is Dom
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    1100 Seat on a 1200 ?

    Hi its good to be back. I am fussy about things being direct fit as much as possible. Might give it a try but if it's to much I don't want to ruin it as it is a nice seat and somebody needs it. I think I will wait for an actual 1200 seat if its not a real close fit. Thanks guys!!
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    1100 Seat on a 1200 ?

    Will an 1100 interstate seat fit a 1200 interstate thanks in advance. Oh I know the passenger backrest won't work. I just wonder about the main seat cuz it will be free or close to it and in nice shape Tom
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    Goldwing 1100 Parts

    I got a buddy has a complete 1100 goldwing. Engine is removed but apparently runs. Brown Interstate. It is being parted out. Let me know and if there is interest I will post or send you his website Tom Will an 1100 seat fit a 1200 ????
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    85 Aspencade Heel/Toe Gear Shifter

    Hi Guys I have been gone awhile but back again I have a 1200 now and did this raised the shifter as the heel toe shifter sucks IMO. I just put a bolt where the heel / toe unit mounted and rest my heel on it when shifting lots. I Raised the stock shifter as much as I could without hitting the...
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    Wing Security,Keeping it Safe

    A diy alarm you need a single pole switch and a mercury switch. wire the switch up in a hidden spot that you can turn it on once off the bike to put power to the mercury switch. mount the mercury switch level when the bike is on the side stand, then if someone sits on the bike a takes it off...
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    GL1100 Damaged carburetor

    you could always line the tank. Kream is the name of one of the liners. I here they work well but have never tried them. Just a thought.
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    Member badge

    Hi Guys I love the links at the bottom of the page, Perfect for the lazy types like me LOL
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    Gold MINE of Goldwing parts Found in Ontario Canada

    Hey Where is he there chas . Can't be to far from me if he's in the 905. Take care Tom
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    Fuse block

    Hey guys I got a Weidmuller DIN rail and some terminal and fuse holders to show you but I worked 14hrs today. Just got home I will post some pics tomorrow I hope and get some out to those that want some Cheers Tom
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    Fuse block

    I have a really good supply of stuff I will try to take a picture of some of the Weidmuller stuff. I could help a few out and send some stuff to you for just the shipping. I'll get back to you after work tonight Cheers Tom
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    There's a moron working on my bike.

    So lets go with the Great minds think alike LOL :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: . I 'd hate to think we are all in the soup LOL :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
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    Tire Crack!

    Ah man if you get it fiqured let me see okay. I would love to darkside but yep the swingarm and brake rod are an issue and the rim well I just don't know how to get around that one. Come to the darkside, We have cookies LOL :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
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    Fuse block

    Google Weidmuller or Panduit or Burndy. They are termination companies. They have all sorts of that stuff