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    83 tachometer

    No never did. It only screams about every 7 - 10 miles. Kinda gets me awake when I'm day dreaming on the bike. When I changed out the 80 fuse box to a 1500 fuse box, I hooked the od light to the wire for the 3rd gear instead of the high gear. Haven't fixed that yet.
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    DIY Video's

    Sierra is located in Troy Oh. Along I-75 near the Ind border. Take the left radio controller out, the buttons. I mean take the screws out and pull the whole unit out. NOT using the key. You may be able to get to the lock for the cassette thru that space. Once out look at the lock on the...
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    DIY Video's

    You can not get a vid of it because all you would see is an arm sticking in the turn signal of the fairing. I have the same problem with mine. I drove over to sierra electronics and they told me the tuner needs to be recalculated for the fm. Apparently these dinosaurs need attention from time to...
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    Hello from the UK and have a request for help

    You might think about joining GWRRA. Their membership includes road side assistance on a bike. It is not that expensive and if you join makes sure to get the gold book sent to you when signing up. it's included. It is a book containing members across the world...
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    F/S 1980 GL1100

    I have a barn find for sale. The carbs have been rebuilt. New timing belts. New tires. All fluids have been changed. Both master cylinders have been rebuilt. New brake pads. 84,000 miles. Clarion I radio. Fold down back rest. Your choice of: Seat and windscreen I have ridden this bike on a 300...
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    A little slow

    Must be that every ones bike is now in tip top shape.
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    My 1st. Goldwing...

    Welcome to the forum. Here is a link to where I did a rebuild on a sitting for a while wing. Will give you an idea of what may need for your bike. We like pics so show us what you do on your new bike. viewtopic.php?f=123&t=13115
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    Left over parts...

    They go on the frame by the radiator. Real pain to put back on.
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    new guy from ohio

    Welcome from Ohio. Where in Ohio are you? Nice ride.
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    I can't post pics

    What wing engine did you use to outfit your tractor? Glad to hear you are doing well.
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    Negative battery cable

    Yes only it goes behind the triangle. The wire runs up the frame and attaches on the top bolt. Out of sight out of mind.
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    Negative battery cable

    Attaches under the triangle frame. Just to the left of the battery
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    So I guess I'm an Amazonian now...

    Good to hear from you again. A successful back surgery Feels great. No one knows until they have been thru it. Glad you like the job.
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    80 rear shock light

    yep more air light goes out. Thanks all
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    Camping Again

    Camping is a great way to see the land. Since you are just getting back into camping, Make a list of what you pack. Staple it to your garage wall before you leave. When you get back check to see what you actually used AND would have been nice to have had. After 3-4 trips you'll get your pattern...