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  1. detdrbuzzard

    i know where i'm going

    i actually headed out this morning in the Mustang. i let Linda borrow it yesterday with 3/4 tank of gas in it. i took her cage to the shop and had rear brake pads and rotors installed. i picked up the Stang with 1/4 tank showing so i went and got a car wash and some gas
  2. detdrbuzzard

    sock hop

    actually it happened yesterday i was up before 06:00 this morning and started getting myself ready for an early morning ride to see how well my new electric socks worked. my boots are Alpinestar new land gore-tex boots so they are a little on the airy side and would be a real test for the sock (...
  3. detdrbuzzard

    Fun with Fadi

    Fadi called yesterday to see if i wanted to go riding with him today, he's only been riding a couple years now and only has a few other friends that ride. in talking with him it doesn't seem like they go anywhere when they do go riding. todays plan was to take Fadi down to Toledo, he had never...
  4. detdrbuzzard

    Meandering #2

    my plan was to get up this morning and ride to Muskegon, MI. for Muskegon bike times but i'm not sure my foot is up to a three hour one way ride. first stop was in Dearborn for some pic's at the library, i took lots of pic's but only posted a few. i rode out to Romulus. MI. to find my friends...
  5. detdrbuzzard

    Back to Port Huron

    i left home this morning at 07:50, it was only 64f so i wore a light weight fleece under my Joe Rocket jacket to have some warmth and an extra sox on my right foot. i picked up a Shoei neotec 2 helmet Thursday so i wore it ( i also wore it Friday evening ). it fits me well but the drop down sun...
  6. detdrbuzzard


    it was about 70f with a very cloudy sky, looked like it would just poor down raining any second. i wanted to go visit my mom, something i couldn't do last weekend because of my foot. i made sure i had a waterproof jacket liner and some gloves more suited to rain just incase. as i was heading...
  7. detdrbuzzard

    The Smith Brother's ride

    CousinJeff came over to my work station Friday and asked me if i feel like looping the thumb with him Saturday, a new guy in the shop name Mavis over heard the conversation and said he wanted to ride with us. so there was Mavis Smith, Jeff Smith, and Will Smith going on a ride together with...
  8. detdrbuzzard

    Group ride

    i met up with a large group of friends yesterday about 10am, they were only heading down to Toledo, i was just tagging along. i thought we might be on the road by11am but we didn't get on the road until noon, i wasn't real happy about. waiting two hours to make a trip thats about an hour long...
  9. detdrbuzzard

    checking in

    haven't posted much on the forum in awhile and no winter time minitrail adventures like last winter. after the thanksgiving ride i decided to put all bikes in hibernation and see what i could do to get my foot fully healed. i did get some arch supports which seem to help more than anything else...
  10. detdrbuzzard

    Happy Thanksgiving

    i slept really hard last night and had a hard time getting up this morning. once out of bed i looked out the window, no rain just wet roads so i decided to go riding. i went out and made sure that the Mighty ST 1300 would start up, it did so i let it warm up for a few minutes before shutting it...
  11. detdrbuzzard

    what to do

    i might be able to get a '78 goldwing with a bad motor, looks like i've come to be the owner of an '85 goldwing with a good motor but the rest is junk to me
  12. detdrbuzzard

    Sunday Funday

    well my Sunday Funday had nothing to do with clowning on a bike, i started off by heading over to mom's for a visit
  13. detdrbuzzard

    riding with my niece

    my niece lisa came by saturday about nine, it was a bit later than i wanted to get started but this ride was for her. it was sunny but still cool at 63f when we hit the road. first stop was at the gas station to top off the wing and fill up the Mighty ST 1300. after leaving the gas station we...
  14. detdrbuzzard

    The big ride 2020

    i left home saturday morning at 06:10 the sun had not started to rise but i was on the move. the temp gauge on the Mighty ST 1300 was showing 58f, i didn't want to dress too heavy so i took my tourmaster draft air jacket with the liner installed along with a sweat shirt and light weight fleece...
  15. detdrbuzzard

    break out 2 !!

    i got a much later start this morning than i did a week ago, it was after 09:00 when i got out the door. i headed over to the gas station and put two gallons in the fuel cell and filled up my tank so i would have plenty of gas for todays fun. right down from the gas station is this church in...
  16. detdrbuzzard

    break out 1!!

    now that i have an internet connection at home again i can tell you all about my break out ride. most of you know that i am in an MC club and one thing they do is their annual break out ride, usually its a three hundred miler and you have to cross a state line. my foot wasn't in good enough...
  17. detdrbuzzard

    testing the foot

    as most of you know i've been having a problem with my foot ( its been over a year now ) so yesterday i left home on the GSA and rode part of rouge park then headed over and rode hines drive out to northville, mi. i took pontiac trail into ann arbor and then took washtenaw rode over to huron...
  18. detdrbuzzard

    What I Saw on my Way to Mom's

    i usually take I-94 east to get over to mom's for a visit but the expressway was closed for bridge removal, i'm " ok " with it. so i decided to take tireman ave, east and pick up W. grand BLV. i looked over at the motown museum but i have plenty of pic's in front of it so i kept going. just...
  19. detdrbuzzard

    the after henry's ride

    i rode the GSA to henry's this morning with a plan to ride down to Toledo once they turned us loose. before leaving henry's i was talking to cousin jeff he said I should have taken the Mighty ST 1300 but I told him that the GSA was the real test for my foot, that if I could make it there and...
  20. detdrbuzzard

    56 miles

    headed out around 08:00 this morning with mural hunting on my mind. it was sunny but only 48f out so I wore my tourmaster venture pants with the liner in and tourmaster metro jacket, I wore a light weight fleece jacket under the metro jacket for extra warmth. I also wore some lined deer skin...