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  1. Jen del

    Newby intro

    Hi every one. I’m listed as new member as I’m not that active here. Quick intro, one day at the East of England BMF show after a few beers hubby and I passed Goldwing owners club stall. Behold the same 2 bikes we looked at the previous year had for sale noticed. A nice 81 1100 standard with a...
  2. Jen del

    Photos as requested

    Photo 1: The old boy with his 1200 Photo 2: Hubby with my 1100 More photos to be added showing me and the rebuild of my 1100. I am having difficulty navigating the website and attaching photos to the right thread.
  3. Jen del

    New member oil strainer question?

    Hi new members from the uk Derrick and Jeni We are Honda fans although we have had a lot of bikes we are now into classic gold wings We are rebuilding a 1100 and have a low milage 47000 1200 interstate. The 1100 is a naked with trunk and panniers added I have a question for the forum...