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    New owner in Scotland

    Your on the right track, If you do have low compression and you suspect a bent valve ,pulling the heads is a piece of cake on these bikes,I pulled both mine ,removed the valves cleaned off the carbon on the valves and in the combustion chamber with a wire wheel on a drill,and then lapped the...
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    New owner in Scotland

    That's good advice, you may have to loosen the radiator on the bottom,to get enough clearance to get a wrench in there to get those cover bolts loose,it makes it easier when the radiator is not in the way.
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    76 GL1000 newbie: Looking forward to learning!

    probably needs carbs synced,I read about it in a manual it wasnt difficult,you will need a good set of vacuum gauges .
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    Scary scene under timing covers

    It wont hurt a thing to spin the motor with the heads off,its a good time to check the function of the starter motor,If the motor spins freely it may not need attention ,but if seems slow in spinning you may want to remove it and see how it looks inside.I found that its hard to get the starter...
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    The $500 Goldwing is real

    My fuel tank was I thought was toast because the bike sat in a shed since 2008,It was full of rust and sludge, but I managed to save it, here are a couple pictures of it after my cleaning treatment which in the end made a usable tank but destroyed those small wire filter screens at the fuel...
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    The $500 Goldwing is real

    Great Score,good luck with getting it running and back on the road where it belongs.I recently spent all winter restoring 75 model ,Ive put 700 miles on it so far this spring,a fun motorcycle,I've been riding for 50 years and this is my first GoldWing.By the way what is the serial number on...
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    1975 and 2020 Goldwings

    I have been enjoying riding my new to me a 1975 GL1000 K0, I spent all winter restoring it ,just finished a couple weeks ago,the engine was stuck,carbs and fuel tank were toast, it sat for 14 years in a shed. I absolutely love this bike. It took me a little while to dial in the...
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    Honda GL1000 Fuel & Temp Gauge Gage 7V Voltage Regulator Rec

    I replaced my 7 volt regulator with a small unit I bought off Amazon,for 7 dollars I couldn't works perfect,no took a little creativity to attach but it wasn't too bad.
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    Where did your Goldwing take you today?

    Rode old 66 through Devils Elbow Missouri, picture of my wife ,and I on my newly restored gl 1000 (love this bike)on the Elbow Bridge one of the most scenic areas on the entire lenght of old 66 .
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    1975 GL1000 Occasionally Dies

    A friend of mine suggested adding a cap full of 2 stroke oil to every tank of gas ,he said it will coat the bare metal surface inside the tank (which in my case was badly rusted till I cleaned it all out )to keep it from rusting again ,cheap insurance.
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    New member

    Hello,I'm a retired cabinetmaker,I've been riding for 50 years,I bought this 1975 Gold wing gl1000 k0 it had been in dry storage since 2008 ,the engine was stuck,the carbs were pretty much hopelessly cruddy and varnished over.I finally found a good used set that cleaned up nicely.The fuel tank...
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    GL1100 Neutral Switch Rehab

    Good information,thanks,I'll give it a try.
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    Neutral switch...

    Thank you for explaining in detail how to get at and removing the switch,I agree with you that removing the subframe on the other side makes perfect sense,to get enough clearance on the switch side.Im like you I had the engine out and could have checked and replaced the switch so easily,but in...