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  1. gmartin

    Waiting for Warm Weather

    The past few weeks, while I am waiting on a little warmer weather to get the old wing out, I found this and decided "why not?" It's a 2001 Camaro, one lady owned, with 32,000 miles on it. It Handles pretty good and the mpg's aren't bad 20 city, 30 hwy. Just something else to tinker with. I guess...
  2. gmartin

    Going SC

    Now that I am done with chemo (4 yrs worth) I want to get the Wing straightened out. I've had the carbs rebuilt the last two years and they never have ran good since. I went thru them this winter and double checked floats, etc, but would sync good but never run right at the high end. So entering...
  3. gmartin

    MY GL1100 Project

    Hello everyone! Wanted to introduce myself and not just be a lurker. I recently sold my Yamaha and was looking for something vintage to tinker with and take longer trips on. I came across this 1980 GL1100, with 40,000 miles on it. It has some small issues, but run well. I am not going for a...