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  1. biker

    Ya'll busy?

    Thanks mate. I obtained a used one on ebay for about $125 shipped. Problem solved. I must have slightly warped the old one while changing the back tire. At high speed it would get hot and seize the back wheel. Honda is so forgiving. I always managed to get er home! It's a good feeling to have 2...
  2. biker

    Bike Bandit GONE

    Buyer beware!
  3. biker

    Ya'll busy?

    Ok, where is a good place to get a replacement rear rotor for an 81 GL1100 Goldwing Interstate?
  4. biker

    Nice original 1100 stock seat

    Very good condition considering the age of OEM!
  5. biker

    Restoring an old GL1100

    Here is wishing you luck but you shouldn't need luck, you are working with a Goldwing!
  6. biker

    Clutch Repair

    I Figured it out. It's possible that the brake caliper maybe bent a bit when I changed the back tire and the friction made everything so hot and expanded, so that it seized up the back tire. So when things cooled, I was able to ride again. Thanks to everyone for their input. Glory to Goldwing...
  7. biker

    Clutch Repair

    Has anyone had symptoms of drag on the back tire as the bike gets warm running for awhile? It started out as smoke and burning smell (but not tire burning smell) at high speed. I managed to pull into a gas station with the bike completely seized. After an hour or so when it cooled, I was able to...
  8. biker

    New member,new post my two girls

    It's nice to have 2!
  9. biker

    Restoring an old GL1100

    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make it work!
  10. biker

    Happy 2022

    The covid thing is the best thing that has ever happened to anti-social people:) Happy New Year y'all.
  11. biker

    Aussiegold is no longer with us.

    Thanks for sharing mate. I'm hearing more of missed diagnoses lately. Our health care system is broken and $ are not the only answer. I think people will have to become better educated in medicine to make their own diagnoses.
  12. biker

    Habby New Jeers!

    It's starting to warm up around here but not quite warm enough to be working outside on my 81 Interstate! All the best in 22, Yahoo.
  13. biker

    I’m back !!

    Engine parts look all the same with the 1981 Interstate model.