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  1. WindNWing

    Close call

    I was on my normal 20 mile loop, narrow two lane with lots of twisties when I met a string of Harley riders. My left hand was up waving as I came in to a tight left hand curve. The next thing I see is a man and his wife coming right at me head on. He was still losing it to my right so I...
  2. WindNWing

    Saddlemen seat experience?

    I am in need of a seat replacement for my '83 Interstate and am considering this Saddlemen double bucket kit. ... 1423.l2649 I read a review somewhere that the higher back interfered with the backrest on the trunk lid to the point they couldn't simply lay...
  3. WindNWing

    Vetter Vents added

    Due to a sweaty head in my full face on hot days, I had already cut my windshield down to 20" high. That didn't help much although I like the look much better than a tall shield. One more try. I installed two round Vetter vents and once again the air flow wasn't all I had hoped for. The vents...
  4. WindNWing

    dreaded white smoke in exhaust

    Two days ago I got white smoke from the right exhaust on start up which lasted about 30 seconds and then cleared up. I just crossed my fingers (which did no good at all) and it never appeared the next three rides. It came back today and is continuous. :head bang: :head bang: I rented a...
  5. WindNWing

    Shorter windshild

    I just cut my windshield down by 8 /2" to just below eye level. I love it! The high windshield was nice for warmer winter rides but I always wear a full face helmet and on a hot summer's day, my hair was soaked with sweat. I get nice air now and I can still hunker down just a bit and be below...
  6. WindNWing

    New timing belts

    My Gates T274's just arrived in the mail.....wish me luck! :rocks: :read: I have read all the posts (including the ones that went sour) printed out the procedure and will tackle the job today. I credit this forum for giving me the confidence that I will prevail. My last serious mechanical...
  7. WindNWing

    Two barrel carburetor conversion

    Blame my friend Joedrum for this post, he asked if I could post some information about the single carb set up on my 1100 Interstate. The first thing I will say is that I am completely happy with it. I bought her without knowing there was any conversion (at the time I knew nothing about...
  8. WindNWing

    shocks crossover air line

    While removing the instrument cluster from my 83 interstate I heard the air hiss from the crossover line on the front shocks. I lifted the line to see where the leak was and it broke in another place, :crying: It surprised me how weathered and brittle it was. Fearing the 15 to 20 bucks the...
  9. WindNWing

    Hello from a new Wing rider

    I have been riding Hondas all my life but just bought my first Wing ('83 Interstate) two weels ago. I didn' realize untill after the sale that it had been converted to a two barrel carburetor which seems to work just fine. I am looking foward to learning from the long time Wingers who would...