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    Source for GL1200 chrome carburetor top covers and machine screws?

    I took my carbs off for cleaning and want to get rid of the corroded screws and top covers. I found one source but they're out of stock. If someone knows the thread pitch and diameter that'll help.
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    Just received 1986 GL1200 sits too high

    Finally after a week delay due to weather the truck dropped off my non-running GL1200 project. I got on it to check the ergonomics and my toes barely touched down, big surprise to me. I'm 5 foot 11 inch but pushing 60 years so getting on wasn't easy either. The battery is kaput so there was...
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    Tools for lifting and supporting Gold Wings

    When building my Kawasaki I had the luxury of a garage with a big support beam to attach a come along to but now I'm working out of a portable garage made with 2x4s. I'm thinking about this $130 Harbor Freight transmission jack for dropping the GL1200 engine and raising the bike for fork and...
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    Options on timing belt tensioners?

    Has anyone ever disassembled the tensioners to replace the bearing itself with a Timken or repack? I did a quick forum search and didn't find anything related. They are available through Partzilla at $112.84 each. Ouch. I don't want to replace the belts on unserviced tensioners.
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    The pitfalls of shipping today

    Thought a short summary of my recent experience in searching for a shipper to move a GL1200 from Illinois to Texas might be of value to someone. The last time I shipped a bike was in the summer of 2020 during the peak of the COVID slowdown, a Kawasaki ZG1000 from Wisconsin to Texas. I listed...
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    GL1200 repair manual pdf?

    I intend to buy a hard copy but a pdf version will be handy for planning repairs.
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    Best stator and regulator?

    I want to make sure my new to me 1986 Aspencade is a reliable as possible so I'm not feeling like an idiot 1000 miles from home. From researching various forums the OEM stators come out burnt with soldering failures so I'm hesitant to pay a premium for a questionable design in a Honda bag. The...
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    Long time rider first time Gold Wing

    Hello, my name is Bruce and I'm awaiting delivery of my first full dresser. I've been riding and wrenching since the 1980's, started off on a 1976 Honda CB750F in Alaska while in the Army, bought another in California, then a 1981 CB750F, a Yamaha 700 Fazer, a FZR750, and the longest held was a...