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    Monster bike close to completion:)

    That is clean!
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    Source for GL1200 chrome carburetor top covers and machine screws?

    I took my carbs off for cleaning and want to get rid of the corroded screws and top covers. I found one source but they're out of stock. If someone knows the thread pitch and diameter that'll help.
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    My Bikes - dontwantapickle

    You too huh? Well done work on both bte
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    Just received 1986 GL1200 sits too high

    Thanks for that, kept me from wasting money on old shocks.
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    Just received 1986 GL1200 sits too high

    What about putting in CB1000C shocks to retain the air suspension?
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    Just received 1986 GL1200 sits too high

    Thanks for the tips. I came to discover the seat was custom modified larger by previous owner who must have been at least 6 foot 5. The highway pegs are waay out there
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    New from NJ

    Best method to deal with hacked, brittle, and corroded terminal wiring I've found is to completely remove the harnesses and, with a repair manual schematic and multimeter on hand, clean/repair then test, strip and retape with high quality electrician tape. Fixing problems as they emerge is futile.
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    Read this for an easy dyi rear drive boot replacement

    Does anyone know if the driveshaft boot on a 1200 is close enough to an 1100 to use the Dorman CV boot shown earlier?
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    Just received 1986 GL1200 sits too high

    Thinking about slamming it, ditching the trunk, and shaving the stock seat down to the pan with a jell insert. Edit: I like this. I'm no longer married and my daughter is living far away so not anticipating two-up touring but still want the wind protection and such.
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    Tools for lifting and supporting Gold Wings

    Good point. Harbor Freight is having a parking lot sale this weekend, $30 off this lift can't beat that.
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    Just received 1986 GL1200 sits too high

    Finally after a week delay due to weather the truck dropped off my non-running GL1200 project. I got on it to check the ergonomics and my toes barely touched down, big surprise to me. I'm 5 foot 11 inch but pushing 60 years so getting on wasn't easy either. The battery is kaput so there was...
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    Hello Gents . New Member

    Knobby front with no fender means rocks thrown into the radiator and on the headlight.
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    Sidecar or Trike

    If I had to choose it would be a modern Morgan see pic. A sports car shop I worked at had an original Morgan restored by the resident long beard Harley expert guy, it was cool and rare but required fabrication of the flywheel to crankshaft interface to a toothed arrangement on that old motor...
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    what did you do today

    I built a motorcycle ramp for the work shed. Actually I took apart and reinforced the one I made last week because it bowed the first time I used it.
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    Tools for lifting and supporting Gold Wings

    Passed on the HF jack to go with this. I like the extra support.
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    Tools for lifting and supporting Gold Wings

    When building my Kawasaki I had the luxury of a garage with a big support beam to attach a come along to but now I'm working out of a portable garage made with 2x4s. I'm thinking about this $130 Harbor Freight transmission jack for dropping the GL1200 engine and raising the bike for fork and...
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    Options on timing belt tensioners?

    Thanks! I ordered two at $19.69 ea, there are two left if anyone else is interested And thank you sir for that link. I need to find the 10mm countersunk bolt somewhere. Edit: will reuse the one on the tensioner should be ok.
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    Options on timing belt tensioners?

    1986 1200
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    Options on timing belt tensioners?

    Has anyone ever disassembled the tensioners to replace the bearing itself with a Timken or repack? I did a quick forum search and didn't find anything related. They are available through Partzilla at $112.84 each. Ouch. I don't want to replace the belts on unserviced tensioners.