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    Transmission clunky shifting...

    if i may add, when engine cold, pull clutch and hold it. rev a little, let it fall to idle, rev a little, fall to idle. you get the idea. after about 30 seconds of varied rpm whith clutch disengaged, and engine idling at 1000 or less, you can slip it in gear. the problem is oil serface tension...
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    Monster bike close to completion:)

    i offer help. put some mufflers on it and watch most jetting challenges dissapear and mpg go up. reversion kills all tuning efforts. MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    Monster bike close to completion:)

    sounds like carbs synced, adjusted. rich on bottom. never heard it go to midrange, much less a main jet pull. when d owe get the real story?
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    Pics of 77 restoration

    i was in the vtwin arena and built many frame off bikes. so you know, they do have powder clear. the big problem with powder is the applicator. improper cleaning, dont care about the gorunds, not pre heating the oven, etc. that said, i like automotive paint! it will last a long time in the...
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    New member and new owner

    dont know, but may contact kibblewhite. they can make custom if they do not stock those.
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    Coolant crossover oring replacement

    do like everyone else there. drain the oil and coolant and roll it off the trailer! or.,fix it and ride it and avoid things called bike are trending on fakebook. fix it
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    Considering buying 1980 Interstate

    the bike sat for several years. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you will have to not only fix the problems, but also fix the current owners fukkups. after all, if he were a mechanic, he would be riding, or you would! take light in what i say. he is a con/
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    Pappa Whellie

    drivetrain is more capable that chassis. sprints to 120ish, chassis sucks after that, makes you back off. if you want front tire off the ground, just stroke the throttle in first, band second. but you aint accomplishin anything. you are a kid. learn to ride first, then you can stunt a goldwing...
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    GL 1200 Carb Model Ignition Control Module Musings

    so, after all that/. if your attempt to get into the oem ecm, whos software will you use? and do yohave access to a eddy current dyno? and is so, is there any reference data to get you some insurance before you destroy a few engines while tuning (BASE MAPS) etc. btw, i owned 2 dynos and built...
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    Anyone regret cutting down a windshield?

    thats why we always use three layers of tape over our guide line. then mark guide line on tape. i dont know why is say we. i sound like some guy with a rent to own shop. LOL anyway, you are correct! cut through the tape so the fragments stick to it, not your eyes
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    RoofedWing complete!

    enjoyed yalls conversation. im a dumbass. had a 1965 ford econoline van. had a 1965 sportster. the van would cross a 4 lane highway with little wind. the sportster wasnt affected much .
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    Wheel valve stem size?

    all that to tell us you screwed up and dropped your bike? wow, its gonna happen again. and again. the v=narcissism will go away as you accept that. happy thanksgiving!
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    wonderful explanation. i have been sorta gone here and there for awhile. just catchin up. would like to bring something up, and let you explain. you do a much better job than i can after my second stroke. it is fork length (height). as bike weight increases, fork height (length) decreases. i bow...