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  1. Daeouse

    86 Aspencade refresh

    I asked around, and found it might be a sticking float causing the leak through the overflow pipe. Looks like I need a full rebuild, unless I can get it unstuck. . .
  2. Daeouse

    86 Aspencade refresh

    Ok! I've found what I believe to be the leak! Now, what's supposed to be connected here, or is it an overflow? It's between the two right-hand carburetors.
  3. Daeouse

    Just whining

    The thread! here!
  4. Daeouse

    86 Aspencade refresh

    After some time whining, a wonderful lurking member (thanks, Allen!) approached me with the offer to buy his beautiful 1986 Aspencade. It's in great condition overall, but Covid forced him to park it for nearly two years. As we all know, any time you park a carbureted bike without advanced...
  5. Daeouse

    Just whining

    Finally, a new bike appears in the stable! More details soon in a new thread!
  6. Daeouse

    The Wanderer III

    The hardest thing in life is realizing you let something go that you possibly shouldn't have. I've done it too many times with bikes. All I can say is to think really hard for a while before deciding to sell again.
  7. Daeouse

    what did you do today

    Sorted 24 out of date tires at work. . . 😮‍💨 and It's not even noon yet. . .
  8. Daeouse

    New member and new owner

    Welcome! Double-check that those valves don't cross-reference to any other motors in the Honda range, or even automotive. I've seen weird stuff like that before with other vehicles. . .
  9. Daeouse

    Just whining

    I'm always interested in another toy, if the budget allows. My wife's rules are easier, but they are: Does it have a clean title? Does it run? The unspoken third rule is that it has to fit in our budget. 😅 But otherwise, Projects can be fun. Just be careful it's not a chopped hipster bike. . .
  10. Daeouse

    Monster bike close to completion:)

    Looking fantastic!
  11. Daeouse

    Just whining

    UPDATE! I've entered into an agreement to purchase an 86 Aspencade from a fine gentleman who contacted me through this forum. It's gorgeous, as he cared for it very well, my wife loves it (essential), and he's willing to be patient with payment. I'll start a fresh thread when it's finally home!
  12. Daeouse

    GL1200 tires

    Shinko is offering a new high-mileage tire that fits our 1200 Wings. They just released them. The Shinko 999, SHINKO TIRE SR 999 LONG HAUL 130/90B16 FRONT 73H B/BIAS TL (Rear) $174.95 list may be cheaper depending on vendor price programs SHINKO TIRE SR 999 LONG HAUL 150/90B15 REINF. 80H (Rear)...
  13. Daeouse

    Motorycle For Sale 1978 Goldwing

    This is gorgeous! It's a damn shame my budget doesn't support such purchases! I hope you get this sold to a new owner that will care for it!
  14. Daeouse

    Newly single carbed, resurrection story. Thank you all :)

    Wonderful story, great conversion! I will keep note of this!
  15. Daeouse

    The "Turd" has been flushed!!

    Glad to hear it finally sold. Shame I lacked the funds, I would have made it less painful. LOL
  16. Daeouse


  17. Daeouse

    Just took my new 1975 GL1000 off trailer

    A little scuzzy, but definitely a challenge!
  18. Daeouse

    The $500 Goldwing is real

    Hell of a good deal, man! Good for you! I've never received an offer like that. . . maybe I should go to more motorcycle social events in my area. . . LOL
  19. Daeouse

    Combined VJMC and Honda CB750/4 ride

    Seems like a neat little ride!
  20. Daeouse

    Restoring an old GL1100

    Wishing you the best of luck, man! A passion project, that runs, is a wonderful thing indeed!