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  1. zman

    Parts Wanted Gl1100 carb boots/ manifolds

    I was just suggesting they might be used instead , I have seen 1000 carbs on 1100 and vice versa
  2. zman

    Monster bike close to completion:)

  3. zman

    New Member introduction

    Welcome to the forum , glad you found us.
  4. zman

    1976 LTD

    Easy cleanup, congrats on the acquisitions
  5. zman

    Thanks for the ad

    I would say it is true, I see allot of red ones and fewer yellow
  6. zman

    Oil leaking from water pump weep hole

    Mine started doing that too, Funny if I go for a ride it stays dry only when I shut it off and let it sit for a few hours. I thought it could be the oring and seal where the shaft of the pump slips into the block but if you go that far might as well replace the pump too, till then riding and...
  7. zman

    New from NJ

    I have an 80. Wiring sucks but if all else is good would rather do wiring then engine work
  8. zman

    Closin in on the big Hun

    You really poured the miles on it, If my old 1100 was a bit more comfy I would do the same.
  9. zman

    New here - dontwantapickle

    welcome aboard
  10. zman

    My Bikes - dontwantapickle

    Welcome to the forum, The go fast Goldwing looks allot of fun,, Looking forward to your new racing bike project.
  11. zman

    83' GL1100 Engine problem

    I had one that flooded the cylinders with fuel from the tank and just soaked the intake valves turning the carbon into goo that hardened the valves in position, I had to take off the intake manifolds, valve covers and pick out the goo while tapping the valve stem to coax the valves closed. A...
  12. zman

    Bah humbug...

    Cant complain, I microwaved some popcorn tonight..
  13. zman

    Ya'll busy?

    I don't know what I'm doing
  14. zman

    Help needed 1986 interstate GL 1200 starts Warms up turn off go back to start only backfires very loud

    I would let it sit after a run for maybe 10 min. and pull the plugs, if you have a camera all the better, have a look inside the chamber and see if there is wetness, smell the plug for fuel smell, I am not sure if 1200 has a wasted spark ignition but my gut is telling me you have a cylinder...
  15. zman

    Anyone use these gasket/oring sets

    Thanks for the advice, funny I forgot the cover had to come off I thought the water pump screws were on the frontside of the water pump, yes I will be rebuilding my pump if possible, might not come apart so easy , just bought the KP set from Japan.
  16. zman

    Canadian. I’m from Alberta and have a 1976 Sulphur Yellow GL1000.

    Sweet bike, I have no first hand advice on shocks but for years others have been happy with Progressive brand shocks on their wings.
  17. zman

    Anyone use these gasket/oring sets

    Have an oil leak from the weep hole on my 1100, want to just replace the oring seal and gasket but just because would be nice to have the other stuff incase things get out of hand...
  18. zman

    standard 81` with windjammer BIN $1325 NY

    Well I guess they are parting it out as well as selling it, what a shame...
  19. zman

    standard 81` with windjammer BIN $1325 NY

    Still looks nice, Like the color...