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  1. bunsteve

    No good...

    Did you listen until the end? Sounded like the perp and the cops are old friends.
  2. bunsteve

    Motor tech talk about my dive into EFI ON A C4 VETTE TUNE PORT INJECTION

    Makin' me want my '69 Chevelle SS396 back. Nicely modded 4 bolt 396, high rise Wiand, Holley double pump 750 cfm, Carrillo rods, TRW pistons 12.5;1 compression. Hooker headers to straight 3" all the way to the rear. Stone crusher 4 speed, Hurst straight line shifter to Mickey Thompson M50 15s...
  3. bunsteve

    Open face shield necessary or not?

    When my 750 got mad and threw me off (40 years ago!) I was wearing an open face helmet with a flat face shield. If I had not had a face shield, the front two inches of my face would have been on the roadway. I never tell anyone they have to wear good protection - it's your head. I still won't...
  4. bunsteve

    82 interstate refurbish project. My first Goldwing

    There's an excellent video (probably 100 or more excellent videos) at . I used it to do my belts, and the bike runs great.
  5. bunsteve

    82 interstate refurbish project. My first Goldwing

    Japanese Industry Standard. They look like a Phillips head, but aren't quite as pointed. If you try to use a regular Phillips on a Honda screw that is the least bit corroded or overtorqued you'll strip the head out.
  6. bunsteve

    what did you do today

    Renewed my registration tag - now good to 3/31/24.🚴‍♂️
  7. bunsteve

    Long ride in a single day and night

    You'll have to AVERAGE almost 65 mph. Four or five gas stops (0 mph), stretching out, traffic issues. Good luck. It's doable, but I hope you're young and healthy.
  8. bunsteve

    Long ride in a single day and night

    I did York, Maine to Troy, Missouri (1320 miles) in a non-stop (except for gas) 26 hours. On a 1969 CB750. Stayed two days, went back the same way. I will never deliberately do that again. And it was 35 years ago.
  9. bunsteve

    what did you do today

    Temp went above 50F, so I dragged the bike out and took a ride. I only went 31 miles round trip, but it sure felt good getting back out there. She started right up and ran perfectly.
  10. bunsteve

    What is your dream ride/trip?

    US1 from Fort Kent to Key West would be a start. Then US20 from Boston to Newport, OR. If I ever get those done, who knows?
  11. bunsteve

    Motivate me on changing cam belts

    I totally agree with McGovern! My '86 Interstate was gifted to me, and the previous owner was uncertain whether the belts had ever been changed. About $80 later and a day of wrenching I can now ride with confidence that my valves won't be poking holes in my pistons. Fix the three yellow wires...
  12. bunsteve

    1985 Honda goldwing

    It's still a nice looking bike. They never made a white CB 750 either, but I had one, and I wish I had kept it.
  13. bunsteve

    what did you do today

    Good on ya for keeping her upright! Flats are scary. Only a little bit jealous. Wife and I took a nice (car) ride to Vermont Country Store yesterday. The trees and mountains looked like they were frosted with that nice light whipped cream frosting my Mom used to make. Some parts were like...
  14. bunsteve

    what did you do today

    Not Buffalo, I'm jealous!
  15. bunsteve

    '85 GL1200A

    I'm looking forward to your adventure. I only have the one '86 Interstate. Had a pre-K 750 for years, but it went away )-:.
  16. bunsteve

    Keyboard handlebar cover ?

    Here's what I have on a stock '86 GL1200i with no radio or any other electronics.
  17. bunsteve

    New member and new owner

    Nice graphics! And I really like the blue too. Welcome.
  18. bunsteve

    Monster bike close to completion:)

    I don't have the patience to do something like that. Might have to schedule a trip to Oklahoma to see it up close;)
  19. bunsteve

    what did you do today

    Put her in the garage for winter. That's not to say she won't come out on a good day. Back the truck out, move the grill (which is on wheels), unplug the battery maintainer, and back her out.
  20. bunsteve

    what did you do today

    Please don't feel sorry for us. I can (if I choose) ride 12 months a year. When I was younger, my CB 750 was my only vehicle for over two years, in Boston, commuting 40 miles round trip daily. Now that I'm older, I'm a little bit pickier about the weather, but still can ride any time. And since...