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  1. mcgovern61

    Motorycle For Sale Slab's 98 Valk

    Thanks for handling this for Hanni!
  2. mcgovern61

    The Mayflower: AKA - I bought a non-running '82 GL1100

    Never really knew what those wingnuts were supposed to hold. I also did not like the bag as a trunk and ended up getting an Interstate trunk and adapting the setup. Still made all the keys alike. My thread on the trunk swap: Swapping Trunks!
  3. mcgovern61

    Where do I plug in the headlight?

    Agreed that the plug is most likely from a Vetter fairing. A clue is the fact that the turn signals are removed from the forks. Inside of the headlight bucket, you will see a standard 3 wire headlight plug.
  4. mcgovern61

    Lets do some Honda lock exploring.

    FYI, I re-keyed all of my locks to a single key by pulling all of the wafers and resetting them to the one key. I needed one more wafer and discovered that if you leave a wafer out of the end (tip) you can get away with fewer wafers. You only need enough wafers to make the lock turn.
  5. mcgovern61

    Lets do some Honda lock exploring.

    I have a used Hondaline rack lock with a key (515) left over in my parts bin. $10 plus shipping?
  6. mcgovern61

    Oil leak

    Glad you found it!
  7. mcgovern61

    Oil leak

    I believe it is the same housing. You will also need the mounting bolt. I do not remember if the chrome housing used the original bolt. Also, be sure you have the spring and washer that is inside.
  8. mcgovern61

    Oil leak

    I had an ‘81 1100 with a aftermarket chrome oil filter housing and I pulled it off and changed back to original. The chrome ones do not have a lip to seal the o-ring correctly and they leak if overnighted.
  9. mcgovern61


    I have a set of fully functioning '81speedo/tach if you need it. $100 plus shipping.
  10. mcgovern61

    I’m back !!

    Rebuilding can get expensive. Another engine is almost always cheaper and easier. Sometimes, a good engine can be found in a wrecked bike. An engine that spins is always cheaper than a stuck engine that will need work.
  11. mcgovern61

    KB's camper project

    Camping trailers with nearly instant setup are fantastic! I sure do miss camping with the Slug.
  12. mcgovern61

    I’m back !!

  13. mcgovern61

    Please help!

    Not sure, never worked on a Beemer. If the clutch and cable are adjusted correctly and you can easily put it into gear and still roll like neutral, than it might be a shifting fork issue or the gear just isn't synchronizing.
  14. mcgovern61

    New Here

    Welcome to the site from New Jersey! Real nice bike!
  15. mcgovern61

    new member

    Welcome to the site from New Jersey!
  16. mcgovern61

    1982 GL1100 c

    Fantastic! Standards are the best!
  17. mcgovern61

    Another newbie from Canada

    Looks great!
  18. mcgovern61

    Comin' on back!

    Many times it is actually the starter relay that has failed. If the relay is ok, then check the ground wire. If that is ok and it is still cranking really slow (or not at all) you might need to rebuild the starter. If you get to that point, I have a GL1100 original starter already rebuilt...
  19. mcgovern61

    Not new but long time no posting

    Hey Joe! Good to hear from ya again!