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    Another One Back on the Road

    I finally got this '77 back on the road. It had been parked wet six years ago. It is a 7000 mile original bike. One thing I would pass along that I didn't see in any "How to Raise a Goldwing From the Dead" manuscript is to break loose and carefully retorque the heads. It made a big...
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    Dang Carburetors!

    New owner here with a '77. After reading a number of posts and talking to other owners it seems these carbs are quite finnicky. I rebuilt my set using the Randakk's kit. I reused the needles and seats. The needles looked great. Reused the floats as well. Bike only has 6900 miles on it. I set...
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    Hello From Kansas

    I just got a '77 GW from the original owner's nephew. 6900 miles on the odometer. The bike was asleep from 1983 until the original owner passed away in 2015. The bike was revived at that time and then saw less than a 1000 miles and before it went back into hibernation until now. Most of the...