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  1. joedrum

    Looking for information on single carb conversion for 1984 gl1200

    I really can't help much on the one barrel carbs ...all my experience is with 2 barrel Weber style carbs ...sorry chicken wing
  2. joedrum

    Supercharged GL1100

    Wow nice bike seems
  3. joedrum

    Here I go Again - Darksiding an 87 1200

    One THING is for sure Brian ...One of the modds ever for a 1200 ...your gig is great ...the hooch bike. Would pull the front wheel off the ground after this mod it had so much traction
  4. joedrum

    GL1000 Turn Over but no Idle.

    If getting spark ...check timing right ..beat on carbs more will get it ..just stay at it ...
  5. joedrum

    Motorycle For Sale 1997 Honda GL1500 Custom

    Nice bike it ...I am 68 too lol don't ride a lot either now days
  6. joedrum

    what did you do today

    Nice it's going good ....nice bikes but vibrate a lot at road trip speed
  7. joedrum

    Thank you

    Welcome nice year bike
  8. joedrum

    GL1200 Death Rattle?

    Yep I'd say Dan right stator loose
  9. joedrum

    New big dog project coming ..

    Thanks Tom I am working on it today ...
  10. joedrum

    My 1986 1200 DIES!

    Great move
  11. joedrum


    Good luck Trak
  12. joedrum

    Love My GL1000

  13. joedrum

    Back Surgery Question

    I am doing ok considering everything thanks who444444
  14. joedrum

    New member

  15. joedrum


  16. joedrum

    Back Surgery Question

    Blessed to live through a wreck with a jaguar that was running 150 mph and rear ended me back was broke by a perfect fitting hi back bucket seat ..not sure how anyone involved lived but we all did ...wore a brace non stop.for a long time ...
  17. joedrum

    what did you do today

    Nice build it ...your skill shows hugely
  18. joedrum

    Cam seal issue

    It has to come out to change seal