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  1. WindNWing

    GL 1500 charging requirements...

    There are three 1500 manuals in our gallery at: gallery/album.php?album_id=1092 And the Honda GL 1500 1994electrical troubleshooting manual Aspy & SE at: gallery/album.php?album_id=1703 Chapter 17 is the charging system. Page 17-9 shows the same voltages Omega Man found in his Clymer manual...
  2. WindNWing

    Looking for information on single carb conversion for 1984 gl1200

    No, sorry I'm no help there. I know it is old enough to be stamped made in Italy rather than Spain. The outlets are 28 and 30 mm. If that makes it a 28/30, I couldn't find anything on it. I was looking for an accelerator pump diaphram once and copied all the numbers I could find on the...
  3. WindNWing

    Looking for information on single carb conversion for 1984 gl1200

    I've been ridding an '83I for over three years with a single carb conversion. I've never had a minutes trouble with it. The only down side is a drop in milage, I average around 38 MPG mostly on two lane back roads. Sorry I'm no help on the tech side, I bought it with the conversion and just ride...
  4. WindNWing

    High speed wobble

    Gerry, It scares me that you are trying to reproduce your high speed wobble. Many years ago I had a violent wreck on a 750 caused by a HSW. I never did find the cause and believe me, I checked everything. This was long before there was forum help so I visited all the local Honda shops and their...
  5. WindNWing

    Second CGW Midwest MEET August 3rd and 4th in French Lick Indiana!

    Sorry I had to miss it this year but it brings back fond memories from last year. :good: :wave: Looking for more pictures. :music:
  6. WindNWing

    Close call

    Thanks guys. This ride is always good for a deer or two but I didn't expect to be dodging motorcycles. :yahoo: :smilie_happy:
  7. WindNWing

    Close call

    I don't know about them but it puckered me a little. :smilie_happy:
  8. WindNWing

    Close call

    I was on my normal 20 mile loop, narrow two lane with lots of twisties when I met a string of Harley riders. My left hand was up waving as I came in to a tight left hand curve. The next thing I see is a man and his wife coming right at me head on. He was still losing it to my right so I...
  9. WindNWing

    Second CGW Midwest MEET August 3rd and 4th in French Lick Indiana!

    Thanks for the sympathy Gerry. :crying: Just kidding, enjoy! :music:
  10. WindNWing

    Second CGW Midwest MEET August 3rd and 4th in French Lick Indiana!

    Gentlemen, I regret to say I will not be able to make it this year. :rant: :head bang: My Brother in law and his wife are in the states on business from the Philippines. They were planing to visit us later in the month but their schedule changed just today and they will be coming in next...
  11. WindNWing

    CGW T-shirt now available!

    Got my shirt today, love it. Thanks for the help Dan. :music:
  12. WindNWing

    back brakes gl1100 piston

    DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE UNTIL YOU HAVE GOOD HARD BRAKES! They will not improve by riding. It does sound like they need bled to remove all the air. Did you get the bleeder valve fixed?
  13. WindNWing

    Morning ride in to work

    Congratulations Bill! :music: I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, I've been a gentleman farmer (without a farm) for 3 1/2 years now.
  14. WindNWing

    loose handlebars

    I can only confirm the 1100 measurment. I happen to own an 1100 and a set of one inch micrometers. The bars measure exactly .875" , that is 7/8" period. I have no idea why they would not be a metric size but they are not. BTW, 7/8" converts to 22.225 MM which is an odd measurment, they are not...
  15. WindNWing

    New Member from Mauritius

    There is no end to the things I learn here.....Mauritius, just East of Madagascar huh? lovely place and a pretty bike to ride there. Welcome from Ohio.
  16. WindNWing

    Counter weights

    Hmmm...I wonder if the '74 750 four cyl. needed an enertia damper. in about 1978 I ran mine up through the gears pretty hard and just as I was shifting into high gear, I looked down and saw 90 MPH and decided that was enough. I just dumped the throttle and had a violent high speed wobble. It...
  17. WindNWing

    93` Jeep Wrangler no start

    It sure sounds like the fuel pump. You should hear it run for a few seconds each time you turn the key on without hitting the starter. If not, you might try tapping the fuel tank with a rubber mallet to see if that might shake the contacts loose. Good luck.
  18. WindNWing

    Really appreciating my 83

    The '85 and '86 1100 Shadow vee twin had a duel pin crank that balanced the piston firing. For some reason after that Honda decided to go back to the single pin crank for the Harley sound. They also got the Harley vibration! :head bang: I really liked my '85 Shadow but it didn't have the...
  19. WindNWing

    My 75 starts it's return to the road

    +1 I had that with my 750. The problem showed up in wide sweeping curves. exiting the curve, it would pop into that detent and I would feel a little wiggle. Not a pleasant feeling.
  20. WindNWing

    Protecting the floor

    ah.... did you ever consider fixing the drip? :smilie_happy: