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  1. SteveA-wing

    Parts source(s)

    For the radiator hoses, you can get a Napa 8205 hose and get the upper and lower hoses out of that for less than $30.
  2. SteveA-wing

    '85 GL1200 Limited parts bike? NOT!

    Opening is too small for my hand, but someone suggested using a wooden dowel with a cotton rag attached to clean out the remaining crap. As you say once I get it cleaned out and dry, I'll vacuum out the remnants. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give that a try later and let you know.
  3. SteveA-wing

    '85 GL1200 Limited parts bike? NOT!

    I had some time today to further do my evaluation and order needed parts, I pulled the fuel sender to see why it wasn't reading and also to have a look inside the tank. It had about 1/2 tank left. However when I turned off the petcock to drain the tank it did start peeing on me. Turned it back...
  4. SteveA-wing

    '85 GL1200 Limited parts bike? NOT!

    As I said earlier I came upon an '85 GL1200 Aspencade that was last started in 1994 with only 8550 miles. It has been garage kept since the owner passed away. This bike is 100% there with no abuse, but a lot of rheumatism from sitting all that time. Unsure yet what I'm going to find as I start...
  5. SteveA-wing

    '85 GL1200A

    After 4 long hours of extreme sweat, cussing and with the help of my buddy, 2 log chains, a come-a-long and a strap winch we were finally able to get the bike coaxed out of the trailer, into the garage and up on the bike lift. This task made this old man feel every one of his 68 years. It's now...
  6. SteveA-wing

    '85 GL1200A

    Hi everyone, old member with new (almost) bike. I have the opportunity to get a 10th Anniversary GL1200A with only 8800 miles on the clock. This bike was last licensed in '94 and has been garaged since the owner passed away in '94. I have made a quick inspection of the bike and it is going to...
  7. SteveA-wing

    Dangerous Neighborhood

    I shot coffee out both nostrils, THIS is the funniest thing I have read in years! Thanks I needed this.
  8. SteveA-wing

    so close to running, need advice

    What he said, also if you haven't done it yet, go ahead and spring for some new plugs. The side that is running hot is indicative of a mixture running way lean. Sounds like you could still have some clogged ports in the carbs causing the lean burn issue.
  9. SteveA-wing

    Please welcome in our newest forum for the SilverWing called Mini-Wings!

    Thanks, I do believe that the bike has an identity issue. While it has the wiring harness for the fairing, (and I don't see any evidence of hacking on the harness) the tank, which is pristine inside, has the emblems on both sides which would not be there if it came off the line as an Interstate...
  10. SteveA-wing

    Please welcome in our newest forum for the SilverWing called Mini-Wings!

    Well, well, well......Due to some leg issues, I started looking around for a lighter alternative for my GL-1100i as my daily rider. I happened on a low mileage '81 GL-500i on Ebay not too far from me that needed some love. Bike hadn't been on the road for 4 years, brakes were shot, tires were...
  11. SteveA-wing

    Mid Tenn Wing nut

    Welcome from Lebanon.
  12. SteveA-wing

    New from Huntsville, AL

    Welcome from Middle TN
  13. SteveA-wing

    Newbie from Indiana

    Welcome from middle Tennessee!
  14. SteveA-wing

    CGW Midwest MEET AUGUST 31st to Sept 2nd

    Sure wish I could've made it. Just too many events too close together. Pocket book just couldn't stand any more. Going to miss Barber's this year too. Joe, I'd love to see your "Dog House"
  15. SteveA-wing

    VJMC 35th Anniversary Celebration and East Coast Rally - Mitchell, Indiana 2012

    We had a great time and I was really stoked that joedrum stopped by on Saturday during the bike show. It sure was great to get to visit, thanks joedrum. I was showing a couple of my bikes, a '78 Honda CB400A Hondamatic and my '81 Yamaha XV750SE. I ended up taking 4 bikes, 3 on a trailer and I...
  16. SteveA-wing

    another newb from Mo.

    Welcome to the forum from Tennessee.
  17. SteveA-wing

    Hot today in Nashville

    Relief is in sight for us, it's only 99 right now with chance of rain for the next few days. Beats the heck out of the past 14 days or so.
  18. SteveA-wing

    New to this fine site !

    Welcome to the forum and big Howdy from the great state of Tennessee.
  19. SteveA-wing

    Hot today in Nashville

    Chickened out today, took the cage. Good thing too, got caught on the interstate again. Took over an 1.5 hour to do a normal 30 minute commute. Cars stalled on both sides of the road. Tossed a bottle of water to a guy on a Harley.....He ducked.... :smilie_happy:
  20. SteveA-wing

    Hot today in Nashville

    I thought it might cool down once I got moving, but it only got hotter. Good thing though, the engine temp stayed just slightly above normal. When I got off at my exit, stopped at the local market for gas, filled up and went inside. Ended up perusing the selections in the "Beer Cave" for about...