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  1. Donniebnd

    Bear’s Cycle & Restoration

    When you have a few minutes to spare. Will you call me. I have an idea for Air flow testing I'd like to run it by you for your thoughts 573 579 0887 Donnie
  2. Donniebnd

    Bear’s Cycle & Restoration

    I'll be darn , I've never seen them before
  3. Donniebnd

    Bear’s Cycle & Restoration

    Job well done, I never thought of using guitar strings, I've always used tiny orifice drill bits.
  4. Donniebnd

    Spin on oil filter number?

    I bought truflo from Raddkin when I purchased the spin on adapter, great filters at a low price. I also watched a few videos on this brand of filter and I must say I was hooked
  5. Donniebnd

    Bear’s Cycle & Restoration

    Even what I've considered the best in the business makes mistakes. Pistol Pete for instance, I bought a set of 78 gl1000 carbs that he rebuilt a few years back. After installing the set they ran perfect, flawless, however after playing with the set and fine tuning the engine I noticed that #1...
  6. Donniebnd

    Custom seat sources?

    Contact Tom Simmons at TS customs in Fayetteville AR. He is also on facebook @ TS custom motorcycle seats.
  7. Donniebnd

    New guy from Arkansas

    Go check out your neighbor Tom Simmons in Fayetteville he owns TS custom seats and is on facebook as well. I've had him build 4 seats for me over the years, love every one of them.
  8. Donniebnd

    New member

    Welcome from Jackson Mo. Are you still looking for the side cover? I have a set off of a 77 and I believe they are the same.
  9. Donniebnd

    Monster bike close to completion:)

    What brand and where did you purchase this setup from?
  10. Donniebnd

    Monster bike close to completion:)

    Tell me more about the rear brake setup please
  11. Donniebnd

    GL 1000 Ignition coils sparkplug wires

    Yes coils off of a 1500 will work fine.
  12. Donniebnd

    Happy Merry Christmas...

    Merry Christmas to all.
  13. Donniebnd

    Who to rebuild a set of carbs

    Here in the states who do you highly recommend to rebuild a set of carbs off of a 1978 GL1000, that's bolt on ready other than just a little fine tuning?
  14. Donniebnd

    Any body running L.E. lubricants

    I have a few people I know running their products in old and newer Gold Wings, using the 8800 L.E. motor oil and claim to have a huge noticeable difference, cooler running engines, quieter and smoother shifts. I do know for a fact that a large diesel powered generator that had been and still...
  15. Donniebnd

    Oil leaking from water pump weep hole

    Today while on the lift I noticed some oil on my lift table, after a closer look I believe its coming from the little weep hole just below the water pump. What can a do to stop this leak? It isn't leaking bad but I would like to stop it completely.
  16. Donniebnd

    Where all are the grounds located

    Ok, I cleaned the rectifier plug, it was a little dirty and after using cleaner and a wire brush it shines like new. However this didnt change anything. I checked the volts before starting the motor, 12v after starting it stayed at 12v for a little bit then as normal started climbing. At around...
  17. Donniebnd

    Where all are the grounds located

    I cleaned that green wire that's bolted to the coil and the battery ground cable. I'll try cleaning the plug you mentioned and see if that helps any. I just swapped out the old rectifier for a new one that has the regulator built in, no change from old set up to new set up, so hopefully it's the...
  18. Donniebnd

    Where all are the grounds located

    On a 78 gl1000 where all are the grounds located, besides the battery ground cable on the engine block? Regardless if I have the stock rectifier and regulator or the new rectifier and regulator built together I'm still over charging. From above idle to 3k rpm I'm from 16v to 17v without anything...
  19. Donniebnd


    So even though it states it is designed for auto use as well as diesel on the bottle, it still shouldn't be used in motorcycles?
  20. Donniebnd


    You need to do more research as Rotella t6 is also designed for gasoline engines as well.