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    Single carb conversion

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    How to replace GL1000 1975 rear master cylinder

    I have a seized-up rear master cylinder and unfortunately, it got destroyed while I was tearing it down. Now I am checking Ebay and finding only other seized units with no one willing to open them, up and find out if they too are done for. I would buy a new one but I think this option is a long...
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    Anyone use these gasket/oring sets

    Hi, just following along with the posts. The one mentioned here is on is it the one being sold by John in U.K. ?
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    Randakks shipping.. Just wow!!

    Got it . I know the place but I hadn't realized that their gaskets were that good, though the ad says so(THE BEST ON THE MARKET,PERFECT FIT!). But a recommendation from you is a better perspective, just ordered some. Thanks for quick reply...Ian
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    Randakks shipping.. Just wow!!

    I am interested to know who makes the better carb gaskets, the "online they" is my question. For the most part, everyones goto has been Randakk (dime City). Most discussion I have seen point to Randakks with no real 2nd place honorable mentions. I know of K&L and Keyster with no one giving...
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    Gl1100 clutch handle bolt seized and damaged neutral switch during removal.

    I am realizing that the Goldwings, great as they have been still are 45 plus year old. That means its hard to figure out a repair, its twice as hard to then try and find the parts. A simple pivot bolt can ruin the day.Thanks for the feedback...
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    Gl1100 clutch handle bolt seized and damaged neutral switch during removal.

    I tried all things to remove the bolt that the clutch handle pivots on. When all else failed and the slot on the bolt head was almost destroyed, I applied heat and finally got the bolt to leave the handle. I replaced that bolt but the switch got ruined by the heat. Is that switch something that...
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    Hi newbie goldwing owner

    Hi, if you are going to read articles about starting after long storage, might suggest you google Starting a Honda GL1000 after a Long Lay-up February 21, 2019 By Randakk
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    I checked out the link in the reply from Dan Filipi(thank you) and it will serve me well. I don't need alot of parts for the moment so I have time to prep for as soon as the weather turns warm. IF it ever does...friggin cold in Eskimo land Toronto Ontario.
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    Restoring an old GL1100

    Hi, if you have the bucks, there is a tool for sale on Ebay (Honda GL1100 GL1200 GL1500 Gold Wing Swingarm Pivot Lock Nut Adjust Tool. HWT032 | eBay). Its expensive for what you get, but it is built to remove the lock nut so the allan key will be able to remove the center shaft/threaded axle...
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    Thanks will watch for reply.
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    Hello all. I have begun the restoration, revival of a few GL1000's I had purchased several years ago. Unfortunately cancer became my focus before any work on the bikes could begin. Now I am back to working on my project bikes. As having sat for too long, I will need to focus on all the popular...
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    Robert Overby wrote a very interesting article titled “Improving Your GL1000’s Performance”

    Hi, I have been reading alot of Randakk's articles regarding my ride (Gl1000). He mentions a 1995 article in Wing World in the June 1995 issue. He says you can find this article by searching the GWRRA Message Board Archives. I found that to do so requires a membership and that isn't of interest...