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  1. ChickenWing

    34 pict 3 jets

    I saw a thread where going down in size for both jets helps, I will probably try the 130 again with smaller jets and see if the carb adjusting will be more cooperative.
  2. ChickenWing

    Vw carbs

    I know this is late but that is me, search my threads, I used a 134 and then the H130, went back to the 134 because of the adjuster on the accelerator pump which the H130 did not have, I am experimenting with the size of jets to use for the idle and main jets.will be going as small as I can get...
  3. ChickenWing

    34 pict 3 jets

    I am still struggling with my tuning still and does the smaller jet works better and will it make it hard to start., hollar back bro still need help.
  4. ChickenWing

    Are the engines in the 84 and 85 interchangeable

    Will the carbs from a 85-87 fit and operate properly on a 84 1200.
  5. ChickenWing

    Trixie went single today

    Still doing research on this one carb issue and came across this thread, what I have so far is I kept the 127.5 main jet because it runs fine at highway speeds, now for the start off, I used a 60 jet and I too took my HF mini drill set and drilled it out bigger to maybe a 70 or 75, I saw another...
  6. ChickenWing

    manifold heating ...coolant

    I too am looking for a remedy to eliminate the chilling of the intakes, I took some windshield heat barrier material and doubled sided it with a cardboard center core to maintain the heat once the engine started warming up, what I found out is lower rpms during warm up slows down the chilling...
  7. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    But does that smaller idle jet eliminate the hesitation when,gear power is added during start off
  8. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Great that is working so far for you, but I think that the carb can keep up without being under power but I have come to the conclusion that during start off the idle jet controls the gas flow up to 2500 + rpms and after that the main jet takes over, this I have experienced when I had the 55 mm...
  9. ChickenWing

    Poorboy Pulley

    I know this is old but I do have a 1200 where I used a 4" pulley from the UK. Hope this is helpful for others in years coming.
  10. ChickenWing

    Do U Need A 4" PULLEY for conversion?

    The 4" pulley is a good turning ration to have the alternator produce a good voltage flow, but go with a V snotch belt to save needed space between the fan and pulley.
  11. ChickenWing

    Alternator Conversion with SCC

    The alternator conversion is a great alternative and easy to conduct with patience and some fabrication skills, see my 7 part DIY videos on my You Tube channel of Max1Chase1 and decide if its for you.
  12. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    I switched the gas from 93 octane to 87, found out the Intakes get cold and effecting the atomization of the fuel mixture, so I took some windshield reflective material and made a shroud over the intakes to keep the heat from the engine around the intakes to maintain the fuel atomization from a...
  13. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Just uploaded a update video on my You Tube channel of Max1Chase1 on how the 1200 runs after changing the gas octane from 93 to 87 and switching out Carb jets and carburetor, again not looking for views and not being paid by You Tube this is real guy business working on real guy bikes for each...
  14. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Looking good, nothing like being able to do it yourself.
  15. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Today I switched out the jets on the EMPI 34 PICT3 IDLE JET FROM THE 50 TO A 55 AND THE 120 MAIN JET TO TJE 127.5, It is too late for me to start it this afternoon, but I will start fresh with the initial setting all over sgain.
  16. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Thanks, After letting it run, I think I will increase the main jet from the 120 to the 127.5 for higher rpms over 2000 rpms.
  17. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    I am now trying the 50 idle jet and a 120 main jet and it is now starving for fuel, the Bypass screw is 2 turns out and the volume screw is 4 turns out, I will tamper with the volume jet tomorrow to see if the smaller jets ate the key.
  18. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Did you change the main jet and what size.
  19. ChickenWing

    Transforming from Touring to Cruising

    If you are over 50 and don't do touring as you use to and only ride with the fellas on a Saturday or Sunday then the transformation to cruising is in effect to show the Harleys GWs can be cruiser as well, And can be a bagger ad well.
  20. ChickenWing

    Single carb conversion

    Thanks Low Rider the schematic pic are good info to keep. But does the 1000+100 rpm for the goldwing 4 carb version thrown out the window and should follow the 950 rpm recommendations??