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  1. William Corbin

    Changing up my GL1000

    These are the original tire sizes for the 1st gen 1975-1979 Goldwing (GL1000) per the factory manual, Dennis Kirk, and Steve Saunders' websites: Front: 3.50 x 19 (OEM)...matches to: 100/90 x 19 Rear: 4.50 x 17 (OEM)...matches to: 130/90 x 17
  2. William Corbin

    Changing up my GL1000

    GrumpyGrizzly, I also found a side fuel tank for my GL1000. My 2 (1.1 gallon) fuel tanks mount in place of the side cover similar to yours, so I have the OEM under seat 5 gallon tank as well as 2.2 more gallons to extend my ride. My tanks required extra fuel lines that attach to the main line. I...