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  1. John Freeman

    Single carb conversion

    Not sure where you all are buying your carbs but I buy and restore 81 to 83 GL1100's exclusively and unless I have a customer who specifically ask for stock rebuilt carbs and is willing to pay the extra $300 for overhaul and balance on them, I convert every one to 34 pic 3 carbs. Below is the...
  2. John Freeman

    Spin on oil filter number?

  3. John Freeman

    Parts For Sale GL1100 Parts For Sale - PACKAGE DEAL NOW!

    Could I get a price on either set of Chrome Valve covers shipped to 64740 please. Thanks, Jon
  4. John Freeman

    Parts For Sale 1983 GL1100 parting out, have full fairing and bags. corbin seat with 2000 miles on it. backrest and passenger trunk rest from corbin.

    If you still have a title to it I'd like to buy the frame with the title. I inherited a very restorable 83 from an uncle that passed recently and no one seems to be able to find a title for it. In MO only the titled owner can get a replacement title and it's nearly impossible for anyone else to...
  5. John Freeman

    Custom seat sources?

    I'm 5' 11" with a 31 inseam and I can barley find the ground on my 83 with the damn running boards! I love em on the road but just HATE them when I have to stop. You can barley find the ground. lol
  6. John Freeman

    Found something… pics coming soon!

    A latent question if I may ... why when you realized your ticking was the damaged head/rocker, didn't you just replace the heads instead of the entire engine? (inquiring minds want to know. lol)
  7. John Freeman

    Found something… pics coming soon!

    So, what was the ticking M2C? The valve spring, rocker, water pump ... ??
  8. John Freeman

    Found something… pics coming soon!

    Just added Seafoam to my 82 GL1100 last week for the same reason and there was no change ... in the noise or from my $20! lol My clicking only happens on acceleration, not cruise speed or decel.
  9. John Freeman

    Shaft leak

    Keep in mind you should be greasing that zirk with a high temp grease or it will start melting and leaking out on everything.
  10. John Freeman

    Found something… pics coming soon!

    Please post whatever you find! I've been searching for that same noise for a month. lol Mine only does it when your driving it though. Thought it was wheel or brake or tach/speedo related but running with rear wheel in air, jacking up the front and spinning the crap out of the wheel ... nothing...
  11. John Freeman

    82 interstate refurb

    Have rebuilt many a rear master cyl and front too without a problem just as long as there's no pitting in the piston area itself. New rotors are sold on ebay and I "think", Amazon.