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  1. Ansimp

    Brisbane German Club Pork Knuckle Sunday

    We stopped by the Brisbane German Club for their last Pork Knuckle Sunday ( the last Sunday of the month is $20 Pork Knuckles) for the year. As always excellent food, company and beer.😋
  2. Ansimp

    SEI 1200 Running Issues ….. still☹️

    Is your 1200 heavier than your 1800 in your opinion. My 1100 feels light to me especially after riding my Valkyrie.😁
  3. Ansimp

    A word game

    Xtra words for all my fellow time wasterS
  4. Ansimp

    LED headlite

    Here is my install on my Valkyrie where I tucked the driver onto the back of the headlight which may be suitable for your GL1000.🙂
  5. Ansimp

    LED headlite

    I use this type of LED with external driver which I tucked it into my Vetter fairing on my GL1100.
  6. Ansimp

    New from Texas

    Welcome from Oz
  7. Ansimp

    I’m back !!

    Does the engine turn over?😜
  8. Ansimp

    Goldwing Registry from germany

    Nice collection 👍🏻
  9. Ansimp

    The New CGW forum

    I can agree to my resistance to change as it has taken me awhile to get enthused with the new look as it reminds me of the Australian Ford Forums that I frequent and I have found inferior to the old CGW site. Luckily the navigation on this new format seems to work well once I figure out my...
  10. Ansimp

    new member

    Welcome from Oz
  11. Ansimp

    New Here

    Welcome from Oz.
  12. Ansimp

    Newby intro

    Welcome from Oz. I must admit I have a Honda household as well.👍🏻😁
  13. Ansimp

    Valkyrie water pump leak

    Good to hear from you Tom.👍🏻
  14. Ansimp

    Motorycle For Sale 1980 GL1100i FREE

    I would love to take you up on your generous offer but unfortunately I am a little far out of your area.🙁
  15. Ansimp

    Utilising the Vetter luggage fully

    I headed to a grand reopening sale at 0730 to pick up some great bargains before heading off to Springwood to catch up with some VJMC members for breakfast and coffee. I had to use a small cart/trolley to get the items out to the Rats Nest. Bit of a car show out front was being set up...
  16. Ansimp

    Dusty and languishing in the shed

    Welcome from the other side of the country.
  17. Ansimp

    New Member English Man in New York

    Welcome from Oz.
  18. Ansimp

    New member intro

    Welcome from Oz.
  19. Ansimp

    After Dark Lighting Road Test

    Love my LEDs on the Rats Nest especially the new 12/24 watt bulb in the Hella lens.