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    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello and welcome! Thanks for joining.
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    what did you do today

    Oh! That's huge. Thanks for sharing.
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    Slow day, eh?

    Sorry about your Mom's passing.
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    sock hop

    Oh I see! I did peek through some really nice older posts once in a while though. haha
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    sock hop

    A cool adventure just the same. Likes to see more of your posts. So take good care of that foot. Cheers!
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    Where did your Goldwing take you today?

    Cool pics! Thanks for posting.
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    Where did your Goldwing take you today?

    Tell us about your short or long ride anywhere today or most recently. Photos would be nice too.
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    sock hop

    That's a lot of an adventure in a day! Nice pics. Thanks for posting.
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    Your Best Goldwing Customization

    WOW!! Wonderful. Thanks for your reply and posting those nice pics too...
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    Your Best Goldwing Customization

    What's been your best Goldwing customization?
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    Ignore a forum or a thread!

    I'm glad we can make them happy.
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    Ignore a forum or a thread!

    We've added a new feature to the site that many people find helpful, and lowers their blood pressure. It's an Ignore for a forum you do not wish to see, or a thread you don't wish to see. Just look at the blue bar at the top of either on the far right , Once that is clicked, you will see...
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    The New CGW forum Please read this thread. Attaching photos is very very easy. I'm on my Fire 10 for this post to make sure it's operational. To attach a photo just use that attach files button on the lower left.
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    New Look

    There have been some recent concerns lately within the forum community about the security of the data regarding Tapatalk. Tapatalk has access to all data, including private messages. It is also not clear in what country their data is stored as their development team is/was mostly China based. So...
  15. R2D2  12-21-15.jpg

    R2D2 12-21-15.jpg

  16. private-balcony-beachfront-room.jpg


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    How-To do various functions!

    Adding images to a signature Here is how you can images to your Signature. Please do not make them too large as we need to remember some of this will be shown on an iPhone or Android phone. Have those two images in the Media, your own album. Then open your User Control Panel and...
  18. Angie Media

    Angie Media

    photos for testing
  19. Munising light house summer.png

    Munising light house summer.png

  20. Old car  3-14-21.jpg

    Old car 3-14-21.jpg