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    Hello from Minnesota

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    what did you do today

    Put brakes on all 4 corners of the wifes 09 Impala
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    Thanks everyone
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    New from Texas

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    Thanks for the reply, have heard that it's not good for the clutch and your oil pressure would drop ?????
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    I know its probably been talked about before on here, but was wondering if anyone is running synthetic oil in there Vintage Wings or other vehicles , have you had any problems with the synthetic oil ?? Been running the standard 10W-30W /10W -40W oil in all my vehicles and it seems to be getting...
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    The New CGW forum

    oh my is this different
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    New guy

    Welcome :hi: :hi: :hi:
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    Memorial Day

    :good: :good: :good:
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    Hello From Kansas

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    DIY Video's

    Thanks Winger 82 :hi: :hi: :hi:
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    DIY Video's

    Thanks for the reply, so the radio and amp are accessable thru the turn signals ? I do have a right side storage, but the cassette player is on the left side and can't seem to get the key to unlock it to remove it from the fairing, have to check with the local locksmith on that issue. You said...
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    DIY Video's

    Was looking for a vid on how to take the radio/CB out of the fairing on my 82 Asppy, looked thru the forums on here but didn't see one or missed it if it's there. Been having radio problems for some time now, no volume(very weak) on FM but lots of volume on AM, use to just listen to the CB but...
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    What did you do to your Wing today ?

    Went for a short 75 mile ride with the wife this evening of course :moped: :moped: :moped:
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    Dusty and languishing in the shed

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    New Member English Man in New York

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    New member intro

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    Hola from south Texas

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    what did you do today

    Fixed the 8X8 sandbox I made for the Granddaughter this summer, put it right in the path that I ride my sled thru the yard and totally forgort about it when I got the sled out here a week or so ago for the first time, and run over it, (it's made out of 2' X 8' s ) and ripped the screws right out...