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    Parts Wanted 78 GL1000 side cover

    As you wish! I also have the right side, make me an offer
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    Parts Wanted 78 GL1000 side cover

    I have one from a 77 looks like this :)
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    Where do I plug in the headlight?

    I would be willing to part with the ones in the pic (above), shoot me a PM and we can work out the details.
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    The Mayflower: AKA - I bought a non-running '82 GL1100

    Maybe the wingnuts were for a moveable back rest? Remove the caps on the end and slide it in!
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    Where do I plug in the headlight?

    If I'm not mistaken the blinker mount to the lower trees not the headlight
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    Where do I plug in the headlight?

    That plug is most likely for a Vetter faring. Look for other connections up stream of the plug.
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    What did you do to your Wing today ?

    I go by this on my way home from work almost every day, yesterday I stopped and got a pic
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    Any semi leaning sidecars out there?

    Welcome back, I'm guessing the Terraplane didn't work out.
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    3D Printers

    Davekamp, One of these days, there'll be one in MY shop, but what I'm seriously thinking of doing (once my new building is up, and the big CNC gantry is operational) is fit a wire feeder to the Z2 axis, and go with really SMALL wire, high-speed feed, and set the voltage/current level so that a...
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    what did you do today

    I the Wing out yesterday and today I road one of my Viragos to the DMV. A little windy on the way home but nice!
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    1984 Interstate Long Sleeper in Phoenix

    But you know that's not a current picture.... NO Snow! :hihihi:
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    Gl1000 heads on gl1100 engine

    If not, I see your from Michigan, and I have a nearly complete 82 1100 motor looking for a new home!
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    what did you do today

    How did your foot deal with the cold?
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    Corrosion in the centre stand support frame

    Your lucky mine looks like this;
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    You sir have come to the right place! Welcome
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    My 1st. Goldwing...

    Welcome, I may have some parts for you, we will see :popcorn:
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    New Member from Florida

    Welcome from Michigan
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    what did you do today

    Woke the old girl up early today and road to work
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    My Air Suspension Trailer Mystery

    Did you spray the filter/inlet of the compressor? If it's leaking thru the pump it will come out there.
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    My Air Suspension Trailer Mystery

    Most heavy duty air ride systems have a ride height valve that keep the bags from over inflating. I would look there first.