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  1. Curlytops

    SEI 1200 Running Issues ….. still☹️

    Hi… im still having issues trying to get this sei to run right… it starts on the button, when cold revs at around 1800rpm and once warm settles at around 950rpm. once warm it revs ok but seems to bog down up to below 3000rpm. I rode it up the street and it sound like its missing at low revs and...
  2. Curlytops

    Fork oil seals.

    Hi.. Ive looked through the various posts about this on the forum, and have done 1200 forks before but it was a long time ago. Bike is a 1986 SEI, and while im in there I will be replacing the bushings as well. I know I loosened the fork caps while the forks were in the bike, but I cant remember...
  3. Curlytops

    Hi Idle issues.

    Well here's my first post... I have just acquired a 1986 GL1200 SEI which has a problem or 2. The guy i got it off says the PBR sensor is duff, which I believe to be true. There are no lights on once the ecu has booted up they all go out. Its also idling at around 2000rpm, would a PB sensor...
  4. Curlytops

    New Here

    Hi Just saying hello, Ive just purchased a 1200 SEI Aspencade which has a problem or 2, but hopefully with all your help I can sort it out!