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  1. Randakk

    Worst Spark Plugs Ever Made?

    My candidate is Splifires. These plugs were basically a heavily marketed "gimmick" product that was popular in the 90s. Splitfire made outlandish claims about fuel mileage and emissions benefits and eventually got zapped by the FTC for making deceptive claims. I've used just about every brand...
  2. Randakk

    Motorcycle Wanted Wanted to buy: '75 GL1000

    Wanted to buy: '75 GL1000. Low VIN number, low miles, in good roadworthy condition. PM me with details. Thanks.
  3. Randakk

    Advice from Randakk: Current Vintage Motorcycle Marketplace

    Recently, two very nice GL1000s fetched $15,000 each on the Bring-a-Trailer (BAT) auction site! One was a very nicely restored ’76 GL1000 Yellow bike with 7K miles. The other was a mostly original ’78 GL1000 showing 2K miles . The yellow bike is the more expected result. It’s believed that...
  4. Randakk

    Big News from Randakk

    Important News from Randakk's Cycle Shakk Hello from Randakk: I wanted to share some great news here. Randakk's has recently merged operations with Mike’s XS and Z-1 Enterprises, creating a family of companies specializing in parts for vintage Japanese motorcycles. This group has come...
  5. Randakk

    Randakk's Cycle Shakk

    Randakk's Cycle Shakk is a vintage Honda specialist firm focused on early Honda GoldWings. Randakk provides unique restoration resources for Honda GL1000, GL1100, GL1200, GL1500, CBX, CBX500, FT500, DOHC-4 and other vintage Hondas. Randakk's focus is fuel system parts and proprietary Master...
  6. Randakk

    Broken Float Post Repair Options?

    I'll be conducting a seminar for the fine folks at Motorcycle Classics Magazine at the Barber Vintage Festival. Among the topics covered with be float setting and broken float post repair (2 methods). This seminar is free to all Festival attendees. Hope to see you there! Details...
  7. Randakk

    Supercharged GL1000 Build

    The latest project bike - Supercharged '78 GL1000 (with early style bodywork)
  8. Randakk

    World's Oldest GoldWing Restoration

    Did you know... Pete Boody and Chris Gray of Pistol Pete's Services are currently doing a complete restoration of the world's oldest GoldWing for one of their customers. This amazing prototype machine has serial number GL1-1000002 and bristles with interesting details not found on production...
  9. Randakk

    Electric Gremlins

    Don't you just hate it when the magic smoke escapes from a circuit! In this case the culprit was a defective left handlebar switch that had a "ghost" load between the left and right turn signal positions ("off" mode). That flaw effectually killed the flasher unit in short order. A little...
  10. Randakk

    The trouble with NASCAR

    Is it just me, or has NASAR gotten really weird lately. Not to mention - the broadcasts are nearly unwatchable!