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  1. chuck c

    I found an abandoned Wing and I must save it

    My mechanic has had an early 80s Interstate sitting out back for several years. He got it running a couple years ago but has left it sit since. I can't stand it anymore. I asked him to find a home for it instead of letting it rust and he said "make me an offer". Me: "Do you have the title?"...
  2. chuck c

    1971 CB 175 no title, $250. Should I?

    Another title can be had for about $200. I'd like to see this rescued! It looks like it's in pretty good shape. I know bikes this size aren't worth a lot but it deserves to live! What say you?
  3. chuck c

    Look what I just found

    77 Honda Goldwing 1000 for sale in Alburtis on Facebook Marketplace - Does not run and no title FREE I've already emailed that I want it. No, I begged her to let me get it so I can save it from being scrapped. I sold my ramp weeks ago. Don't know how I'll get it in the truck. I'll figure...
  4. chuck c

    Dunlop Tyre Technical Division Wobble and Weave 1975

    Last year I asked about the 8 pound hunk of iron bolted to the fork on the Interstate. I think this vid sheds some light on the topic.
  5. chuck c

    Honda GL1000 by ER Motorcycles

    Dang, that's pretty. I'm looking at those speed holes in the side covers thinking "yeah......."
  6. chuck c

    PICT 34 carb fuel draining and hydrolocking

    I'm still having trouble with the carb draining into the cylinders very fast when not running and the petcock left open. Even if I don't leave it open, it still drains whatever is in the bowl, then it's hard to start because the bowl is empty and one of the cylinders has a lot of fuel in it...
  7. chuck c

    Electric fuel pump conversion

    Has anyone here converted to an electric fuel pump? Will that eliminate the need to use the petcock, except for switching to reserve, of course? Or can fuel get past the pump when it's off? I'm also concerned about too much pressure forcing fuel past the needle valve. I saw one guy had that...
  8. chuck c

    I just saw this on Facebook

    I invited the guy to join here, that's some nice work.
  9. chuck c

    Is there a "parts wanted" forum?

    Is there a place to post things we're looking for? If not, maybe something like the "what did you do on your wing today" forum.
  10. chuck c

    Got a line on another basket case.....somebody stop me

    I made an excuse to stop at my local cycle shop just because. I'm not off the Wing before the guy that pulled in ahead of me starts asking about it. :BigGrin: Tells me he sold one (80s vintage) to a guy he works with a year ago, he hasn't done anything with it and might be interested in selling...
  11. chuck c

    Halogen headlight bulb- what do you recommend?

    My old eyes need more light! :shock: What do you suggest for a quick upgrade? I've used Silverstars in my 4-wheelers and I like them. Before I pop for one I figured I'd ask here. I do plan to add some more lighting but for now a new bulb is a good start. While I'm on it, is there any way to...
  12. chuck c

    My first impressions riding a Goldwing

    I've had my 81 for 2-1/2 years but today was my first real ride. I didn't know what i was getting when I bought this not running at a yard sale. I'd never ridden one or any bike in this size category. But I am a big fan of the Boxer engine design, old Goldwings are plentiful and very...
  13. chuck c

    Measuring running GL1100 temps with an IR thermometer

    Feel free to skip ahead. The last 3 minutes of part 2 are about the most interesting. Part 1 Part 2
  14. chuck c

    Aluminum intake manifold

    I have a new intake manifold design. See what an armed and fully operational machine, sheet metal, & welding shop can do.
  15. chuck c

    My boss went down hard. Riding days are probably over.

    Back about a year ago I posted that my boss is a big Goldwing rider. He had a bad crash due to distracted riding a few years ago but bought a new one and got back on. 2 weeks ago on a long ride to Canada he got too close to the edge of the road, fell off, and lost it trying to get back on. He...
  16. chuck c

    What to do with an untitled frame and running engine

    This gives me ideas for that parts bike I have out back.
  17. chuck c

    Wheely Wing!

    I didn't think this was possible.
  18. chuck c

    Goldwing + BMW = AWESOME!

    That's one way to solve the wing's lack of ground clearance!
  19. chuck c

    In Pennsylvania you can now ride on when light won't change!

    “If the vehicle detection system fails to recognize the vehicle and the driver has come to a complete stop, the driver must then make sure it is safe to continue, and only then would they be able to lawfully proceed with caution through the intersection,” Bloom explained. Originally intended...
  20. chuck c

    101 year old Goldwing rider takes that last ride

    "If I ever get scared of riding you'll see it out front with a "for sale" sign on it." He's been riding since 1927. There's no "I salute you, sir" smiley.