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  1. Tomahawk

    Tire and rims from 1100 to 1200

    Ok Next question LOL the tires on an 1100 are a different size the back is a 16 compared to a 15 on the 1200. Will 1100 rims and tires fit the 1200 and do you think it would be detrimental to the handling it has 85/15 and the 1100 has 90/16 i can get the rims and tires that are almost new for...
  2. Tomahawk

    1100 Seat on a 1200 ?

    Will an 1100 interstate seat fit a 1200 interstate thanks in advance. Oh I know the passenger backrest won't work. I just wonder about the main seat cuz it will be free or close to it and in nice shape Tom
  3. Tomahawk

    Goldwing 1100 Parts

    I got a buddy has a complete 1100 goldwing. Engine is removed but apparently runs. Brown Interstate. It is being parted out. Let me know and if there is interest I will post or send you his website Tom Will an 1100 seat fit a 1200 ????
  4. Tomahawk

    Happy Halloween All

    Hope all the little beasties in your life have a great night Trick or treating Cheers Tom
  5. Tomahawk

    Missed it by That much

    On the way home last Friday we decided to go old Hwy24 because of the wind and go nice and easy. Old 24 is a back country highway with little traffic and it was very windy out I was riding along and out of the ditch comes a deer, a big one right in front of me. I got slowed down enough to just...
  6. Tomahawk

    1800 engine

    Do you think an 1800 engine could be stuffed into a 1100 or 1200 frame without totally building a new frame LOL. I know where there is a good running engine in a bad frame and getting a good frame would be easy enough, What d ya think?
  7. Tomahawk

    Another question

    Is the crankshaft on the GL1000 the same as A GL1100 I have aquired a GL1000 with a bad stator and if they are the same I was going to use Dan's drawing to have a pulley for an external alternator made Thanks Again you guys
  8. Tomahawk


    Will a 78 GL1000 seat fit my 1100 1983 ?
  9. Tomahawk

    The forum

    I just must say. I am a member of a number of other bike forums. This has to be one of the friendliest helpful forums for any make out there Thanks to all of you :salute:
  10. Tomahawk

    1100 trunk Side pockets

    Someone not to long ago was looking for the side pockets for and 1100 trunk. I am going to put some small armrest there and will be removing the pockets. Did that person still need these pockets. If you pay the postage you can have them. They are wineberry Tom
  11. Tomahawk

    Gas station pressure testers

    in this day and age where you use the little compressors at gas stations and out your 50 cents in and start the compressor to pump up your tire and the pressure gauge is right on the filler hose. I used one of these to check my tire cause the front end felt a bit funny. The gauge said 35 PSI...
  12. Tomahawk

    Adjusting the steering head bearings

    Is there a spot on adjusting the steering head bearings on an 83 Aspy. I am going to change the wheel bearings and would like to tighten the steering head while I'm at it Thanks so Much in advance Tom Tomahawk
  13. Tomahawk

    83 Aspencade Fender

    Hey all, Been awhile since my last visit. Hope all are well. I had a little incident and I need a replacement fender extension for the rear of my 83 aspencade. I got bumped from behind and the wheel spun the fender up underneath and I had to take it off to prevent cutting the tire to get home...
  14. Tomahawk

    I made it back Hi from Ontario Canada

    Glad to be back to share our favorite pastime Old wings Tomahawk :cool: