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  1. toytender01

    Need Help

    :fishin: I need some help...... I need to find order # for the best carb set rebuild kit for a 82 1100. I just had some cancer removed from my back and can't use my right arm, so I am having a friend do the job for me. He is a hardly man so I want every thing for him. Info will be greatly...
  2. toytender01

    Help!!!!!!82 GL1200rebuild kit

    :fishin: :Egyptian: :Egyptian: :Egyptian: I need some help........I just had an operation to remove a large skin cancer off my back. I had just started to rebuild my 82 wing...... gave the carb rack to a friend for rebuild....I need to get the kit for him can someone give me the part or...
  3. toytender01

    new here at this site

    Welcome from central Calif.
  4. toytender01


    Welcome from central Calif.
  5. toytender01

    What did you do to your Wing today ?

    Had son wash and polish the 80 1100 to get it ready to sell. :Egyptian: :Egyptian:
  6. toytender01

    A word game

    Try harder
  7. toytender01

    New Goldwing owner in central PA

    Welcome from central Calif.
  8. toytender01

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place

    Looks like a hell of a spare tire you got on that thing. And only have it strapped on with a bungee. :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
  9. toytender01

    Greetings from Florida!

    Welcome from central Calif.
  10. toytender01

    Hey guys. Putting together a 81 goldwing

    Welcome rom central Calif.
  11. toytender01

    Greetings from Poland

    Welcome from central California :wave: :wave:
  12. toytender01

    New member saying hello

  13. toytender01

    Mowing grass hauling ass

    "It's not how fast you mow it's how well you mow fast. At 130 mph I don't think you can mow well. :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
  14. toytender01

    Noob needs help starting a 1982 GL1100 A

    YES Maybe :smilie_happy:
  15. toytender01

    my first love is struggling hard

    Prayers headed your way for healing and comfort.
  16. toytender01

    A word game

    Hard to keep up
  17. toytender01

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome from central Calif.
  18. toytender01

    Another Newbie

    Welcome from central Calif.
  19. toytender01

    Howdy All

    Welcome from central Calif.
  20. toytender01

    Spring cleanin...

    A big Amen on that!!!!!!!!!! :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: