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  1. toytender01

    Need Help

    :fishin: I need some help...... I need to find order # for the best carb set rebuild kit for a 82 1100. I just had some cancer removed from my back and can't use my right arm, so I am having a friend do the job for me. He is a hardly man so I want every thing for him. Info will be greatly...
  2. toytender01

    Help!!!!!!82 GL1200rebuild kit

    :fishin: :Egyptian: :Egyptian: :Egyptian: I need some help........I just had an operation to remove a large skin cancer off my back. I had just started to rebuild my 82 wing...... gave the carb rack to a friend for rebuild....I need to get the kit for him can someone give me the part or...
  3. toytender01

    South !

    I am getting ready to hook up to the rubber tired outhouse and head south down 99 and out through Blyth I think. At least that is the loose plan. Be willing to stop along the way to have coffee with members. :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
  4. toytender01

    How fast we age!

    So yesterday at breakfast I was looking forward to my 71st birthday, when I told my wife she said HUH!!!!!! You are going to be 76...... so today I aged 5 years. What a bummer.... :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
  5. toytender01


    I finally got the pix off my phone. Now if I can only get the pix sorted out for my trip to Wash, and get them posted.
  6. toytender01


    So I went to Reno yesterday to the open house of a Church. After that was over I went to Sheels in Sparks: I would post pix form my phone if I knew how. :smilie_happy: :swoon: Can't post pix of my Washington trip either :shock: :shock: :shock: :head bang:
  7. toytender01

    Calling all members in Washington

    I WILL BE IN The Tacoma area for a couple of weeks. WOULD Like to get together with locals over coffee or something. I have my 1100 here. (Leave on open board please, no one reads Rides section.
  8. toytender01

    Tacona/Seattle visit

    Going to Tacoma Washington for a few weeks hope to get togather with some locals Brought the 1100. It is on the truck. Have to get it off.
  9. toytender01

    forced to sell

    So I guess it is about time I got rid of the 80. Just had my 2nd and 3erd stents put in this Tuesday. At least that will be a start. Dr. said bikes are a hazard to a man in my condition. Not having one is a hazard to me. So I will start the process of thinning the heard. 80 goes first...
  10. toytender01

    Whtcha doin monday evening????

    :fishin: :Egyptian: I am in Pahrump Nv. today but am planning to be in Vegas Monday evening before I pack up and go back to Sacramento. Would like to meet with some of the locals here if posiable
  11. toytender01

    reviewing posts

    Dan when I review posts them come back to them later I start over at post #1 all over again. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. toytender01

    Call of the wild

    sunny, 75* 1100 has bad breaks ,,,,,,, aw --it..... 82 miles in the gold country. heard the call of the wild. :Egyptian: :Egyptian: :Egyptian: :Egyptian:
  13. toytender01

    way off topic

    :0fftopic: :0fftopic: So, I found the handiest function on the board (all posts read). Wipes out 554 unread posts at once. Been off line for a while so that catches me up.
  14. toytender01

    Barn yard find

    64 Brigestone 80cc in Idaho
  15. toytender01

    want to meet (time pernitting

    :0fftopic: :0fftopic: I I am in tacoma area (Spanaway) untill the11th anyone able to meet for coffee or _____ contact me at 9168493215 (mobile) not no motor have cage and B&C condo with wife at daughters house. have met a couple of you last year. Bob
  16. toytender01


    So the wife comes in and said happy Birthday. I said huh. She said look in back of truck. So I did. And there ln the back of my truck isa black and red three wheeler with lotr of crome and fish tail pipes. Will post pix later as soon as i get up off floor.
  17. toytender01


    I think this is a real HOG. I almost like it! :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
  18. toytender01

    28 madins

    OK Trying to figure out why all the Muslims are lining up to get into Paradise. So today I took a ride. Went I-80 to 65 Woodland (had lunch) on 70 to Orland up highway 70 to 191 past Camelot, through Hell, to Paradise. A nice place to visit, but not to die for as far as I am concerned...
  19. toytender01

    old kaw speedo

    old kaw speedo taken apart and repaired (back in to 80's) was commen then. can uoy emagine a diet bike speedo going up to 120MPH :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: I think I did that a couple of times on a down hill, I can't remember if that was before I passed the bike or after it...
  20. toytender01

    New Name for 1500

    Ok I finely named the 1500 It's kind of light brown (very light) so I am calling it BEAR, as well as its new co-piolet