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  1. saganaga

    Lets do some Honda lock exploring.

    Browsing around on the local Facebook marketplace, I found a person selling a full Hondaline rack and luggage. Picked it up today. But it appears to be a bit of a Frankenstein with keys - the top box isn't keyed the same as the sides. One of the rack locks is also missing a cylinder. Time to...
  2. saganaga

    Sources for brake lines these days?

    Thinking about replacing the rear brake line on my 1982 Goldwing, since I'm finally getting around to the rear master cylinder rebuild. What does everyone recommend, and who has them online? Ideally, I'd like to purchase just the rear line right now.
  3. saganaga

    1982 Interstate | $700 | Wisconsin

    Saw this today on Craigslist. Cosmetically, it looks great.
  4. saganaga

    Titled 1982 GL1100 (Minnesota) - $400

    Found on Facebook. Looks ugly, but may be a decent parts bike or naked Goldwing project.
  5. saganaga

    $400 1982 GL1100 Interstate with Title (MN)

    Saw this on on Craigslist. According to the seller, motor is out but good, final drive needs replacement and carbs are missing. But $400 for a titled Goldwing parts bike ain't too bad.
  6. saganaga

    Refilling fork oil without removing the fork caps.

    I tried using a syringe and hose to fill my front forks, but that just spilled oil. After some experimentation, I found an easy way to refill fork oil without removing the fork caps. First, put the bike on the center stand on firm ground. Remove the hose between the front forks completely...
  7. saganaga

    Anyone ever hit an animal?

    Had an interesting ride today. I was doing about 55mph on a country highway. A reckless rabbit darted from the brush and almost collided with my bike. Barely missed it out of luck - by the time I reacted, it was over. Has anyone ever hit a small animal? If so, what happened? What did you...
  8. saganaga

    What, if anything, should I do about this jack?

    Picked up a free jack on Friday - it is free because it loses pressure overnight. I tested it, and with no weight on it, it did go down by about an inch overnight. No fluid loss that I can see. Debating if I just want to flush out the old hydraulic fluid, put in some new, and see if that...
  9. saganaga

    Pulse generator maintenance?

    I've been reading through the service manual, and a thought occurred to me: When doing a rear wheel replacement on a newly acquired GL1100, should the pulse generator be checked? The service manual says the final drive and swingarm must be removed for pulse generator maintenance. But online...
  10. saganaga

    1978 Goldwing with title - $500 (Minnesota)

    Saw a 1978 Goldwing with title for $500 on the local Craigslist.
  11. saganaga

    1984 Standard Goldwing - $2400 (Minnesota)

    Standard GL1200 in Wyoming, Minnesota. Thought someone could be interested.
  12. saganaga

    GL1000 touring package - $25 Vetter (Windjammer III?) fairing, front and rear crash bars, rear rack, backrest, and two hard bags. $25.
  13. saganaga

    Fogging engine for winter storage?

    It looks like my Goldwing will soon be resting until April. Is it worth fogging these engines for winter storage?
  14. saganaga

    $90 - GL1100 Fork Covers

    $89.95, free shipping on Ebay. I'm tempted. The fork covers are the hardest thing to find for a GL1100. But I'm enjoying the Vetter fairing, and I'd rather not remove the forks each time I convert between the two. If they were half the price to my door, in that condition, I'd probably jump...
  15. saganaga

    $100 - 1980 Goldwing Exhaust

    The price on this ain't bad at all. Just outside of Minneapolis.
  16. saganaga

    1978 Trike - $1500 - Minnesota

    Thought this would be interesting for some members. 1978 Goldwing Trike, runs, $1500.
  17. saganaga

    GL1100 (Standard) - Saving watts through LEDs (Chart)

    Was playing around the last few days with estimating how many watts would be saved via LEDs. There's some rounding in the wattage, which means some of the numbers don't appear to add up. But let me know if you think there's a mistake. Version 0.1
  18. saganaga

    California Side Car - $1300 ... 48659.html That looks rather clean. Not sure if the price is reasonable, since I don't buy side cars, although I'm a little tempted by this one. I have a dog that would love to ride along.
  19. saganaga

    Anyone regret cutting down a windshield?

    I'm a tall guy, but all my length is in my legs. Have a Vetter on the Goldwing, and I find that I have to have a pretty straight, stiff-as-a-board back posture to easily see over the windshield. Else the windshield comes to just about eye level. Anyone ever cut down a windshield and regret it...
  20. saganaga

    Ignorant about accessories and trailer wiring

    Got a GL1100 which had towed a trailer at one time, and had various accessories hooked up to it. I understand the basics of wiring, and even know a bit about Honda's ubiquitous wiring sheath color codes, but I'm ignorant about connecting to accessories in an easily reversible manner. What I'm...