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    Motorycle For Sale 82 GL 1100 Interstate for sale

    I bought this bike from the original owner a couple years ago. It has 29,000 miles on it. It sat unused for 18 years. Before being garaged he put new tires on it and a new timing belt. It’s a beautiful looking machine. I changed all of the fluids, rebuilt the front caliper and put on a new...
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    Water pump gasket

    My 82 GL1100I is leaking antifreeze out of the weep hole under the water pump. Where would I shop online for a new gasket? Thanks...
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    For those who struggle putting a bike on the center stand
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    I could use some advice

    I just bought a 79 GL 1000 GoldWing Naked Custom Street from a seller in Kentucky and I need to find a shipping company that won’t rape me to ship to my place in NY state. Are any of you familiar with a fair company? Thanks in advance. PS .. I also just picked up a 99 GL 1500 SE GoldWing...
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    Synthetic oil?

    I recently bought my 82 GL1100I from the original owner. The bike was stored in his garage for the last 17 years. He recommended that I put synthetic oil in because he heard it gives better gas mileage among other perks, so I did. I haven’t put any miles on it yet because I’m waiting for parts...
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    Antifreeze leak

    My 82 GL1100I is dripping antifreeze from the pictured hole located at the bottom left side toward the front of the motor while it’s running. Any ideas as to what the cause might be?
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    New guy

    Hi, I just picked up an 82 GL1100I with 28,000 miles on it, all in all it’s in nice shape. I’m wondering where I can find a fork brace for it. I checked Bike Bandit, J&P Cycles and Summit but no luck. I ordered new rotors, pads and caliper rebuild kits. I already changed all of the fluids...