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  1. wilcoy02

    F/S 1980 GL1100

    I have a barn find for sale. The carbs have been rebuilt. New timing belts. New tires. All fluids have been changed. Both master cylinders have been rebuilt. New brake pads. 84,000 miles. Clarion I radio. Fold down back rest. Your choice of: Seat and windscreen I have ridden this bike on a 300...
  2. wilcoy02

    Black/White wire for kill switch

    Can some one tell me where I will find the wire from the kill switch? This is an 83 gl1100 standard. It goes down the handle bar in a bundle of wires. I am looking to find it where it comes out of the bundle. My kill switch quit working and I want to fix it. Thanks.
  3. wilcoy02

    F/S 80 GL1100

    This bike has all new fluids,new front seals, rebuilt master cylinders front and back,carbs have been rebuilt, rebuilt rear air shocks, new front brake line, Brand new tires, and new timing belts. This bike starts right up. Like a lot of 1100's when parked on side stand for a period of time it...
  4. wilcoy02

    What a day I had-Hope some one else learns from my mistakes

    I bought this 80 wing as it was going to the crusher. Been working on it, with another friend, since Jan. Finally got it together and ready for sale. Sat it out in the front yard and on the 2nd day this guy stops and asks questions. As he left he said I could get more by parting it out. 2 days...
  5. wilcoy02

    80 rear shock light

    My 80 wing when driven over 30 mph. The warning light in the tach comes on,saying the pressure is low on the rear shocks. Checked the pressure and it was at 30 psi. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  6. wilcoy02

    How to fix this

    Left the bike outside last night. The dew made my clear coat raise. Any suggestions on how to fix?
  7. wilcoy02

    Water Pump or Thermostat???

    Was looking to change the anti freeze on my GL1100. Had the engine running for 15 mins or so. The fan came on and temp gauge half way up. I had the radiator cap off and watched the water in the neck of radiator. It never circulated. Do I have a thermostat problem or do I have a water pump...
  8. wilcoy02

    1100 front master cyl leaking

    This 1100 has had brakes replaced and cleaned. Could not get any braking from the front. Got it bled ok, but no stopping power. I tied the front brake lever to allow any bubble to rise to the top. Noticed when I came back to the bike in an hour or so, brake fluid was slooowwly dropping off the...
  9. wilcoy02

    1100 front master cyl O-ring

    80 wing I want to replace the O-ring on the reservoir., as it is leaking. I can not find the o-ring for the 80. Every where I look I get 2 different pics of the master. Do I need # 16 or #17 and how do I know it is for the 80I ? ... master-cyl
  10. wilcoy02

    cylinder head covers

    What is the best way to replace the rubber setting on the bolt that goes in the cylinder head cover? Thanks
  11. wilcoy02

    81 rear wheel

    We are working on an 81 wing. We took the rear tire and wheel off. Putting it back on I believe we are missing a spacer between the caliper bracket and swing arm.. We cleaned the entire room and no spacer found. Looking at the part manual for this bike there is no spacer in the book. Hence no...
  12. wilcoy02

    Stay At home

    How is every one coping with staying at home? I have gotten some of those projects done that I was always going to do later. Nice thing about a bike is we can ride it and not be in any crowds. We took off on a 100 mile ride and went to a farm pond to do some fishing. We fished at least 10...
  13. wilcoy02

    83 rear caliper

    I could not push my bike off the lift. Wife and I pushed it just far enough. Put it on the center stand and the rear tire would not move. To get the caliper off I had to use a heavy rubber hammer, several times. The one piston is not moving at all. The second piston came out with the air...
  14. wilcoy02

    1980-1983 carbs.

    Is there a difference between the model year goldwings as per the carbs do they 3 have specific part number as was case of the 1975-1979 carbs thanks
  15. wilcoy02

    Chicago Runner

    2/24/20 Marengo to Chicago and return 720 miles gas: $38.18 $27.58 $33.38 _______ $99.10 80 gl1100 I $500.00 Starting fluid $1.99 NAPA brakleen $2.69 NAPA ordered 2/29/20 Bumpers for rear shock Energy 9.8104G $4.33 Amazon R shock Seals 30-5041 $25.92 Amazon...
  16. wilcoy02

    interchangeable rims

    80 rims front and back will interchange with an 83? Correct or incorrect?
  17. wilcoy02

    Replacing fuse box on 1100

    I have been planning on replacing the fuse box with a blade type box for about a year now. I have a box from a 1500. Since I know nothing about electricity this will be a challenge for me.A good friend of mine is an electrician. After one of my projects he told my wife that I am not to touch...
  18. wilcoy02

    GL1100 Starter not engging

    My starter has been giving me fits all winter. Put a new solenoid on seemed to work. But it did not. Put sea foam in the oil and rode it 100 miles and changed filter and oil while warm. The starter was rebuilt by an alternator shop 2 yrs ago. The starter just spins. Will not turn the engine...
  19. wilcoy02

    GL1100 handle bar weights

    I lost one of the wights for the handle bar. Looking for a set and they range from $10.00 to over$100.00 Can someone suggest a pair of weights that will do the job. Thanks
  20. wilcoy02

    GL1100 Starter

    I have not had my bike started since middle of Aug due to a strained back. I have had a ctec charger in snow flake mode on my agm battery. volts check out over 12.3 I tried to get it started and it cranked over about 4-5 times and quit. Now I can not get it to kick over at all. Same battery...