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  1. Dadster

    New from Texas

    Welcome Proudtexson.
  2. Dadster


    Bought a 94 kawasaki Voyager as a project $400. It sat for several years. Thought my buddy and I would fix it up and flip it. Let me say as motorcycle engineering goes, after removing the carbs to clean and rebuild them then taking a week to finagle them back in the frame and line up the intake...
  3. Dadster

    Towing a GL1500 Front wheel cradle

    Solved this problem. Bought a trailer.
  4. Dadster

    Towing a GL1500 Front wheel cradle

    Going to Tenn. in Sept. and the wife wants to trailer the bike along. Problem is we don't own a trailer. So was thinking to save money I'd look into one of those front tire cradles that fit in a 2" receivers. With a bolt on trike kit there would be no leaning away in turns. But what I'm finding...
  5. Dadster

    1987 gl1200 w/ 17k seized?

    Could a valve be stuck open not allowing to turn over?
  6. Dadster

    Memorial Day

    Remembering those who gave all.
  7. Dadster

    Drivers backrest. For 86 interstate

    At 5'8" I had one on an 84 and it was nice. Keep in mind I had a bolt on trike kit on the bike and I sat very comfortable on it.
  8. Dadster

    New guy

    Welcome from Pa.
  9. Dadster

    After Dark Lighting Road Test

    +1 on the Cree led lights. Best thing I ever did for night time driving for the price.
  10. Dadster

    New member intro

    Yep, Multiple Bike Syndrome for sure. :yes: Recognize it anywhere. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Dadster

    Joe's new ride

    Very nice Joe. :yes:
  12. Dadster

    Dusty and languishing in the shed

    Welcome to our Goldwing asylum.
  13. Dadster

    Bombardier Can-Am Spyder

    Not trying to sell my kit but you mentioned the Voyager kit. You lose a lot of ground clearance with a voyager trike kit. I had one on my Suzuki and hung up on a speed bump. They also bounce a lot going down the road. My kit like some others is level with the bike frame and has independent...
  14. Dadster

    Bombardier Can-Am Spyder

    I do the trike kits also for $3900 and for a while didn't like the non-clearance of the saddle bag lids of the GL1500. We came up with the solution of being able to remove the lid just like the 1200. It still locks and unlocks as usual but it's removed for full access to the storage compartment...
  15. Dadster

    Bombardier Can-Am Spyder

    I went darkside last year. Tire still looks new. I'll let you know in a couple years. :yes:
  16. Dadster

    Bombardier Can-Am Spyder

    That kit does look similar to mine.
  17. Dadster

    Bombardier Can-Am Spyder

    To each his own. I'm 70 and drove a buddies Can Am and am not a fan. It felt like it wanted to oversteer. I have a bolt on trike kit on my 1500 and love it. Cost was about $3900 installed. Best money I ever spent to keep riding. Even tow a Runaway camper with it. Like I said, to each his own.
  18. Dadster

    A little slow

    And I pulled the wheels off mine. :yahoo:
  19. Dadster

    A little slow

    Or everyone's busy putting them back together like me.
  20. Dadster

    A little slow

    Postings a bit slow. But I'm sure it's just the quiet before the spring. :yes: