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  1. lew1701

    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome wanrep. I'm right there with 1000 came to me a frame, tires and 7 boxes. Good times.
  2. lew1701

    G Force high performance chip

    After a lot of nagging, I put a GTE adjustable pro chip in my wife's neon. (she's trying to re-live her youth). She swears that it is making a big difference but I don't see it. It seems to me that these things are like the weight loss infommercials..."results not typical, your results may...
  3. lew1701

    Hi from the state of New Mexico.

    Welcome banjo and don't think of us as old...we're "classic". :ok:
  4. lew1701

    F35 unintentional loop

    Motorcycles, video games and cool videos...hell if I could get a beer and a lap dance at CGW I would never log off. :party:
  5. lew1701

    F35 unintentional loop

    That was freak'n amazing. I wonder who's job it will be to clean his flight suit? :smilie_happy:
  6. lew1701

    No fuel and a unusual find

    There is no better feeling than bringing an old bike back to life. Congrats. :music:
  7. lew1701

    Need to buy a starter for 1100

    I've never heard of those guys but I can give you a few suggestions of places I've gotten parts before. For used parts I have had pretty good luck on ebay with tasclassicmotorsports and Crescent Moon Cycles for new stuff
  8. lew1701

    black wing cruiser on ebay

    Customizing a bike to suit an owners personality is great...BUT...this is an abomination. I can feel the pain of this poor machine :crying: . I want to buy it just to save it. The Honda gods will strike him down for this blasphemy. :rant:
  9. lew1701

    Another one gone

    The very first street bike I ever owned was a '78 kz650. Bought it used in 1983 and over the next few years I rode it from southern CA to Illinois many times and was my only means of local transportation. One weekend I went to visit some friends in Monrovia (some of you California boys might...
  10. lew1701

    the Weather

    Chicago is no different than any other large city...learn where you shouldn't go and you'll be fine. I am from there and we go there all the time and have never had a problem.
  11. lew1701

    Another one gone

    The number of toys in my garage have been the subject of MANY heated discussions in my household. :heat: Even though she is the first one to jump on the back whenever I go on a ride, she still thinks I spend too on them. :whip:
  12. lew1701

    Little Larry

    :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: the ups man :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy: :smilie_happy:
  13. lew1701

    An internet question.......?

    There's a site I have used give it a try.
  14. lew1701

    Another one gone

    I thought about getting "antique" plates...but then I would only be able to ride it in parades and shows and stuff like that. And as far as insurance're is not too bad on the bike but when you combine my daughters car (she's 17) wifes 4 wheel drive explorer on...
  15. lew1701

    Another one gone

    Yep, a '83
  16. lew1701

    Another one gone

    Well, I had to part with another one of my toys this weekend. :head bang: Too damn expensive to keep the registrations and insurance up. :fiddle: .
  17. lew1701

    My hand made trailer

    Pretty snazzie...I love those Harbor Freight trailers...great to pull behind a bike or to put the bike on.
  18. lew1701

    Winter projects

    My windshield is showing some signs of wear...very fine scratches and abrasions from years of being "sand blasted" by the various things blowing around during the course of daily riding. There is nothing major but it is enough to where if the sun hits it just right, the light diffuses and makes...
  19. lew1701


    If the locks are the simple barrel and hook like on my vetter bags maybe consider just replacing the lock...they are available at just about any hardware store and are pretty inexpensive.
  20. lew1701

    A word game

    Snow tires for motorcycles...I say it's about time