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  1. Joep

    Not new but long time no posting

    Hey y'all.. been a long time . I'm sure there are many I don't know some I may know. Still in Texas near DFW
  2. Joep

    Gramps. again #23

    Well took awhile to get here... but Ian finally made his appearance..... At 5:45 pm cdt... 7 lbs 3 oz, laying 20.5 inches tall... definitely all boy...
  3. Joep

    Washington State meet up?

    Heya gonna be in Washington State in about 2 weeks.. near Olympia area (i think) for memorial for my sister who passed away last week. Anyone like to meet for coffee or such? I am gonna be bikeless this trip, but will beg borrow or steal my family's wheels if ya wanna meet :BigGrin: :BigGrin...
  4. Joep

    Question on cylinders

    I know I need to clean up my 1100's cylinders... what size wire brush will fit in them to remove some possible surface rust? I haven't cracked the heads off yet. Just getting ducks in order.. Have haven't ridden in a while disease caused by dr's.. stent and triple eight weeks ago... and time to...
  5. Joep

    My Big,Little brother may join the forum

    My youngest Brother may be joining the forum soon.. He picked up a gl1100 ( 83 I believe as I haven't seen pics yet) that the owner is looking to sell... and if not sold thinking about trikeing or voyager kitting it... It was last registered in 97 in Good ol' CA... He would like to get it...
  6. Joep

    Gl1800 brake recall just announced by Honda

    On news saw that Honda issued recall fir the 08-10, 12 brake system.. causing rear brakes to drag/locking up.. not positive off the beginning year but fairly sure it is the 08.. those of us that do own one heads up and let your friends know if the they haven't heard..
  7. Joep

    Need a favor from you deep so cal folk

    My brother's snl has a holding issue... her husband inherited an sui. Now he died.. windscreen is off/lost.. mileage is 75000.. has been covered 1997 when he got it from his father... black and gold... that's all the background I have at this time... since he and bike are in 2 different...
  8. Joep

    Dab blame guhbment

    Doncha hate the guhbment intrusion in your fun? .. ... shmallows/ :(
  9. Joep

    what was she thinking?

    while searching drudgereport found this: :head bang: :head bang: :sensored: :sensored: ... orcyclist/
  10. Joep

    son beach... look what I discovered..

    Was out installing footboards finally... and while working on the left side.. son beach I found these issues.. I knew I may have a charging issue.. voltage flakey at times other times no problem... have been considering the white connection bypass.. as the connector had started that plastic rot...
  11. Joep

    the new Harley has been announced

    Called the livewire.. all electric ... camp_id=16
  12. Joep

    get up....

    I want in...
  13. Joep

    wonder what John would say?

    A strange take on "Jack and Diane"
  14. Joep

    motorcyclist blames bike for Fla clicking him at 157 mph

    Read this and sounds like an excuse.... plausible but still totally irresponsible ... peaks-out/
  15. Joep

    trailer towing safety

    Found this while searching for tips on making my own gl1200 hitch as mine is not currently set up... it had permission to copy and a shameless request for a plug.. read them and everyone should know this if towing already.. but my faith in myself and others does not go very high.. nothing...
  16. Joep

    oh to be kid again... oh wait ... this is for adults! ! !

    Remember your radio flyer wagon as a child? Now there is hope.... ... KuVoQ6mjyw
  17. Joep

    Ever wonder where the old bike gangs are?

    I think I found them
  18. Joep

    stepson raising funds for kidney transplant

    My step son has kidney failure and is on home dialysis... He has a willing donor but didn't have the money for testing to see if they are a compatible match. He has a go fund me account set up to raise money for this. He has been diabetic since 16 also.. and this is a complication of the...
  19. Joep

    1200 clutch master sight glass replacement

    Okay starting new post as promised.. expect the glass to come in next week.. it is glass and not plastic.. and they supply new allen head screws to replace the Philips head ones.. after I do this one.. I may order another one for the brake.. the clutch is the one giving me fits right now...
  20. Joep

    PCH/EL CAMINO REAL/Lake Cachuma route

    Any of you SoCal folks ever do a run up the PCH (Hwy 1)/El Camino Real (101) to Santa Barbara then cut over onto 154 towards Lake Cachuma.. cut onto 246 to stop in Solving then back on 246 to continue through Los Olivos and back onto 101? For those not in California.. this is the route I...