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  1. lew1701

    Another one gone

    Well, I had to part with another one of my toys this weekend. :head bang: Too damn expensive to keep the registrations and insurance up. :fiddle: .
  2. lew1701

    Winter projects

    My windshield is showing some signs of wear...very fine scratches and abrasions from years of being "sand blasted" by the various things blowing around during the course of daily riding. There is nothing major but it is enough to where if the sun hits it just right, the light diffuses and makes...
  3. lew1701

    I think my wing is upset with me

    So the weekend before last I went out for the final ride of the season. Everything was fine. I parked her in her little corner of the garage...did all my standard prep work for winter storage and all was good...until. I go into the garage today to stock up the wood pile for the stove (yes, my...
  4. lew1701

    Biketoberfest 2010

    Got back from Biketoberfest a few hours ago and brought a new toy home. It was just sitting there on Main Street in Daytona with a for sale sign on it, what was I suppose to do...I couldn't just leave it there. I love my wing but I have a very soft spot in my heart for 2nd gen Magna's.
  5. lew1701

    New addition to the family.

    Here is the latest misfit to be saved from the scrap pile and is now cluttering up my garage. I am worse than my kids bringing home stray animals. :blush:
  6. lew1701

    Holy, what the????

    This just came up on Randakk's facebook page...I don't even know what to say about this except...What The :sensored: ???. :headscratch:
  7. lew1701

    Real test ride

    Well, I think I have finally gotten this old bike completely up to snuff. The real test will be right after Labor Day, I'm riding her down to Orlando and back. Hopefully some of you guys who live along the route will be available to rescue me if I've over-estimated my mechanical abilities...
  8. lew1701

    New military pics

    If you like military stuff as much as I do..these are some really cool pics: U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Very rare to see 3 carrier groups in the same place. The new U.S.S. New York...built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center . It...
  9. lew1701

    Weird overheating problem

    Hey all, as I've stated in previous posts, this is my first wing...a '77 GL1000 so I'm hoping for some experienced insight before I go poking around internally. The bike runs pretty good, I can run all day as long as I stay below 60 mph. As soon as I go over 60 the temp starts to climb. It takes...
  10. lew1701


    The wife and I and some friends are making plans for Biketoberfest in Daytona...just wondering if anyone from this forum was planning on going?
  11. lew1701

    New GW fan in Illinois

    Hello from west central Illinois. I have been fiddling with and riding cruisers for many years now. A few months back I accepted a '77 GL1000 in payment for a debt. I wasn't too happy with this situation at first. The bike was a real mess...there were more parts missing or scattered randomly in...
  12. lew1701


    Just found this forum and am hoping someone can help me. I have a '77 GL1000, had to replace the head gaskets but in doing so we screwed up the timing and have no idea how to correct it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.