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    Sidecar or Trike

    I rode Goldwing side hack rig in the early ‘80s for a few years. Last fall acquired an identical Vetter Terraplane for my 10 year old new to me ‘83 Interstate. Last year saw myself needing to move to three wheels. Nine hundred pound bike was just getting too heavy. Liked the trikes, but having...
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    '77 with kickstart!

    My original 78 didn’t have kick start, but if the battery wasn’t strong enough to turn over engine you couldn’t get enough spark to push start it. So kick start wouled have been useless. I bought a basket case 78 few years back. Some PO must have replaced rear case. It had the kick adapter and...
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    Tire Pressure Monitor System

    Thanks, AApple. Looks like I agree with the threads, $150 is too high. Seems like they go off on a wrong turn about cell phones. I have found a couple of different units. Guess my best solution is a pair of gauges. At least cheaper. I miss Texas, but not going back to Houston. Rick J
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    Tire Pressure Monitor System

    Has anyone used one of these systems on the front / rear shocks? How well do they work for low pressure in the front? Systems I've looked at have a small key fob and replacement valve caps with transmitter. Rick J.