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  1. dan filipi

    Another One Back on the Road

    Carbs out of sync act like that.
  2. dan filipi

    Another One Back on the Road

    Interesting, increase in rpm normally shows there's a vacuum leak somewhere in the intake tract. I guess rpm vary stopped after torquing?
  3. dan filipi

    I’m back !!

    Yep :ROFLMAO:
  4. dan filipi

    I’m back !!

  5. dan filipi

    GL1200 Engine Rebuild - Part 5 - Post Getting To The Road

    No compression could mean the hydro adjuster needs to pump up. Had that happen on the 1200 I worked on. Took a bit of cranking with the starter before compression came up, close to a solid minute.
  6. dan filipi

    KB's camper project

    Nice trailer!
  7. dan filipi

    New speakies!!

    I’ve had good luck with super glue on a lot of things. Crossing fingers.
  8. dan filipi

    Post YOUR Classic Goldwing Here - ADD IMAGES!

    Just discovered that we can drag and drop photos. Cool! Fam at my sons 24th birthday.
  9. dan filipi

    Motorycle For Sale The CBX is FOR SALE

    Beautiful bike. There are plenty out there with deep pockets. Hold out for asking.
  10. dan filipi

    Ignore a forum or a thread!

    This has been a popular request for a long time!
  11. dan filipi

    What did you do to your Wing today ?

    Heal up Bud, and we’ll do our best to keep the reading material coming!
  12. dan filipi

    GL1200 Engine Rebuild - Part 5 - Post Getting To The Road

    I’m curious too how the rings do. Keep up the great work!
  13. dan filipi

    New Here

    Nice looking bike (y)
  14. dan filipi

    Post YOUR Classic Goldwing Here - ADD IMAGES!

    Requested page could not be found
  15. dan filipi

    What a day I had-Hope some one else learns from my mistakes

    That is a really good point. In Cali we have a release of liability form that we send to DMV right after the sale, but your post brings up the question what about all the time before they receive the form!? I will definitely check that out and be careful on our next sale.
  16. dan filipi

    Not new but long time no posting

    Hey Joe, good seein ya!
  17. dan filipi

    GL1000 Hard Start after sitting a while...

    I didn't notice either oh well, got the point across. Did you eventually add a tip over switch or other safety? I was thinking connecting to the oil pressure switch would be a good, with maybe a momentary push button to prime the carbs.
  18. dan filipi

    New Look

    I'm liking the layout more and more as the tweaks we had like the dip-down "Quick Specs" and Gallery Tech albums are being restored! These were not even visible in Tapatalk that I recall, same for many of the custom mods and tweaks we spend so much time on to make user friendly.
  19. dan filipi

    The New CGW forum

    Sometimes on the phone I’ll zoom in slightly with 2 fingers to more easily tap a button. I’ve also changed the text size larger in the phone and browser settings. Also landscape reveals more of the page than portrait.