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1976 GL1000

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Jun 5, 2017
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I've been kicking this around for some time and here it goes. This is my first listing of my bike. I've owned her since November 2011 where I pulled her from the back of a horse barn in pieces resurrected her, and enjoyed her for the past 6 years. I'll detail as much as I can as far as parts replaced, extras, pictures, etc. If there is anything I missed or additional questions, please do not hesitate to respond, call, or text. Here goes:

1976 GL1000 Candy Antares Red
16,xxx miles
Dunlop D404 tires replaced 2 years ago
200 miles on replaced timing belts
200 miles on adjusted valves
200 miles on adjusted timing
New points plate and condensor
Radiator and fuel tank both boiled and sealed
New headlight
New grips
Aftermarket tail light
Kick start with kick start lever in side panel
Aftermarket SCC manifold with brand new 34 Pict 3 carburetor (never fired)
4 carb setup goes with the bike
Vetter fairing and hard saddlebags go with the bike
Extra 2 person flat seat (from a newer model GL, not the deep saddle version)
Corbin single seat installed
New brakes
New brake lines
Serviced the rear end with new fluids and fresh moly grease
All switches and gauges are in good working order except for the fuel gauge (multiple 7v regulators didn't help)
Brand new starter (no starter lag anymore!)
Harley Sportster mufflers
Strong running engine with good compression
Service manual to go with it as well.
Other misc parts to go with it as I gather them

I'm sure I'm missing something here or there. Any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

This bike has been a real joy to ride and I am going to miss her. I have 2 other bikes and I need to downsize. I got tired of battling the 4 carbs and jumped into the SCC setup. A couple hundred dollars later and other projects at the same time, I just don't have the time right now to finish it up. I would consider trades for a VW beetle only because that is my youngest son's favorite vehicle and it would be nice to have a father/son project we can work on over time (he is 11 so we have plenty of time) Here are pictures.















There you have it. I would like to get $1,500 for it but will definitely entertain offers. I have more in her than what she's worth but I also don't want to just give it away. I know she's worth more parted out than whole but I just can't stomach the notion of another classic bike off of the roads forever. I have a clean title and I'll help you load it up. I'm in Smithton, Illinois, approximately 25 minutes or so East of the St. Louis Arch for reference.

Thanks guys,


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Jun 5, 2017
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I haven't completed the install yet. The bike had been running fine until I took it upon myself to try to retune the carbs and it went south from there so I went the SCC route.

The carb was purchased separately at a local VW shop. The manifold was purchased off of ebay but I had multiple conversations with the owner/builder of them before buying it.

I'll edit the post for the price. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.