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Motorycle For Sale 1979 GL1000 27k original miles for sale

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Jun 25, 2022
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Fremont Ca
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1979 GL1000
Two owner 1979 Honda GL1000 with bags and windshield $5500 or best offer.
In Fremont Ca


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Mar 21, 2022
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Brookeville, MD
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76 Honda GL1000
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97 Honda Transalp
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07 MiniTrail 140
03 Suzuki SV1000S
I'd be patient that bike is worth a bit more than $2500. Try your local Craigslist, take more and better pictures like in a motorcycle magazine and write it up like a salesman. Here's an example of when I sold my XR650R. The puffery here is actually mild compared to other ads I've run:

You're looking at a totally unique XR650R suitable for on or offroad. It's setup beautifully for street ridng but has
been successfully run offroad on sand, steep hills and through mud. This bike can do it all! Don't confuse an XR650R with a Honda XR650L. The L model is air cooled, heavy and slow. Honda designed the XR650R to be an off road only racing machine so it is water cooled, light and fast. I got the bike through Maryland Inspection last spring and it is currently tagged. It may well be the only street legal XR650R in the state. XR650R's have won many major offroad endurance races around the world due to their 290 lb weight and 50HP motor. It was manufactured from 2000 - 2007 and there were almost no changes during the model run. The bike runs beautifully with excellent throttle response. I've put about 1500 street miles on it and 20 or so offroad. It has accumulated 11,000 total miles. This XR will handily defeat a liter bike on a tight road yet can stay with anything offroad while running the engine barely above idle. With the current gearing it tops out at 98 and cruises at 80.


- Has a custom mini-dashboard with blinker indicators, a radiator fan switch and a headlight on/off switch.
- Speedo unit has an odometer, tripmeter, clock, highest speed, average speed
- Digital LED tachometer
- Standard orange blinkers front and rear
- Hand guards with integrated wihte LED blinkers.
- Brake light activates with front or rear brake application
- Thumb high / low beam switch.
- Thumb horn
- Kill switch
- Ignition key switch (did not come from the factory with an ignition switch)
- Stator wound so the headlights receive their own direct supply of current (factory wiriing
was lightweight but resulted in a weak headlight)
- Has a battery but does not need one (ignition runs directly off the stator) other than to pass inspection
- Red painted trim items.
- Custom made rubber tank gnee grips.
- Heavy duty footpegs.
- Mirrors that actually work
- High quality O-ring chain with low miles
- Front lowered slightly in the triple clamps; rear lowering link added (stock link conveys)
- Bike is jetted and has a sideplate breathing screen
- K&N air filter
- Custom front fender
- New wave rotors front and rear
- Braided front brake line
- Recent front and rear brake pads

Maintenance info:

- Valves adjusted recently
- Oil and oil filter changed recently
- Radiator fluid changed recently
- Fork seals replaced recently
- Master cylinder rebuilt recently
- Recent front and rear brake pads
- Recent carb rebuild
- I have a nice selection of front and rear sprockets that will convey
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Jul 4, 2013
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Clinton, TN
I will offer a CONSTRUCTIVE suggestion to take it outside and take about 10 good pictures, 3/4 shots, each side and front/back. Also close ups of both sides of the engine. Outdoors may be a bit harder to control, but will get the best shots if you work at it. Also include if you have all of the parts necessary to return it to naked. My guess is that for many the tupperware actually detracts from the value.